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January 2022

It seems like time flies, but with a very busy month, it’s not surprising. We enjoyed many new items that were new for Veganuary, but mostly we tried places we haven’t been to before, so new to us. I’m in the Veggie Society at university, so I’ve been to 2 social events. There is another one today, but I can’t make it to that one. It was so nice to talk to fellow vegans, vegetarians, and in-transition-to-plant-based-ones. It is such an inclusive and non-judgemental group, open to everyone. I will blog about one of the places I’ve been to, the Chinese one, the other one was Purezza London, but I already blogged about Purezza Manchester and the food is the same.


Now, for the highlights of the month, I will start in chronological order. I did a bit of research at the local archives for an essay. I know it might be a bit more for undergraduate level, but it is a good idea to use primary sources as much as possible.


On the first day back in London we’ve been to the Tower of London for the ceremony of keys. It is a ceremony with a history of hundreds of years, so it is a privilege to be able to see it. There is limited availability, so we were lucky to find those tickets. Also, it’s only £5 per ticket, so well worth it.


We’ve been to Harrods to get some vegan chocolates we like and stopped at one of their cafes. These are the vegan drinks, lattes, also, unfortunately, the only vegan options in the whole menu. Hopefully they will start to expand their menu to be more inclusive.


My husband discovered a wonderful place that is 100% vegan and they serve desserts like this one.


After a lecture that finished a bit late, my husband waited for me at university and we went for a drink at a lovely old pub on the Strand, just off the Royal Courts of Justice.


At one of those posh shops that sell vegetables, fruits, and some other groceries, I saw this gorgeous rose-like salad, and I got one. I can’t say its taste is different from a regular salad, but it looks so beautiful that I would buy it again. It’s a fair reason, isn’t it?


1. New Year’s Concert. 2. Book I started reading that day. 3. Puzzle getting ready to be mounted. 4. Research in the archives. 5. Yummy dessert. 6. Lunch at Indigo Greens. 7. More research. 8. Purezza. 9. Mocktail at Mowgli. 10. Working on my essays. 11. Celebrating essay results. 12. Still negative. 13. Book delivery. 14. London puzzle is up on the wall. 15. Neat burger. 16. Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. 17. Went to Pastan for dinner, to celebrate the start of the second semester. 18. Drinks at an 1830s pub in Central London. 19. KCL veggie society social event. 20. Funny looking bread, from Lebanon. It was delicious. 21. Coffee with colleagues at uni. 22. The Vegan Kind box. 23. Ugears. 24. Toast delivery day. 25. Flowers, 10 days old. 26. Mask wearing recommendations. 27. Dinner at Purezza with the Vegan Society. 28. Interesting salad. 29. Walk around our London flat. 30. Veganata. 31. Books in January.


Books I read in January:
Lawrence of Arabia’s Secret Dispatches during the Arab Revolt, 1915–1919 by Fabrizio Bagatti – 5 stars
One Dog at a Time by Pen Farthing – 5 stars
The Trouble With Being Born by Emil Cioran – 5 stars
Sex and Sexuality in Victorian Britain by Violet Fenn – 5 stars
Storytellers by Bjørn Larssen – 5 stars

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  1. How lovely you got to attend the Ceremony of the Keys. I still haven’t visited the Tower of London, just walked past it once.

    That vegan dessert looks great.

  2. I would like to join in with more vegan events. I went to one in Portsmouth before lockdown. I get so disappointed sometimes when eating out, I hope Harrods ups their game! #project365

  3. The ceremony of the keys sounds like it was good all round. Not something I’d heard about. Love the rose salad and great to hear you’ve found so many vegan foods around

  4. The ceremony of the keys has been on my list for a while, but not living in London I never quite seem to manage it when we stay as the tickets are sold out. But we will do it one day! The Chinese sounds interesting and good that you have been so busy. I really think that helps with the January blues. Nice that all the books this month were 5 stars too!
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…Cirque du Soleil LUZIA at the Royal Albert Hall – ReviewMy Profile

  5. The rose like salad is amazingly beautiful. I would buy it for sure. I wish I could eat salad more often, but for someone suffering from Chron illness salads are not recommended.
    I love that dessert, looks so yummy…. the vegan chocolate looks very nice too. I do like a nice cup of hot chocolate. I’m assuming they make the vegan chocolate drink with almond milk. That’s what I tried once or twice when I was making a cup of chocolate for myself at home.

    1. There are so many types of vegan milk and many restaurants have a few options, from the well known soya, almond, oat, to less known, like pea, hemp, and potato. It’s incredible how many options there are.

  6. It’s been years since I was last in London but I’d love to go to the Tower again. And that rose salad is just beautiful, I don’t think I could bring myself to eat it, haha!

    1. It’s amazing how many vegan places/things are. I discovered recently an Asian shop that has a wide section of vegan foods. Imagine my happiness.

  7. My Goodness! What a busy month, I don’t know how you managed to fit all that in.

    On second thoughts, when we were your age, we probably kept to the same hectic schedule to experience as many things as possible in the time we had together. These days however, our pace is much more sedentary.

    We have been a few places this month, including one of our favourites, Portsmouth. We decided to stop off at Gunwharf Quays for some lunch and found an Italian restaurant who, on seeing what a beautifully sunny warm day it was, had decided to place just a couple of their tables outside. They were willing to serve food out there too, so we enjoyed a relaxing al fresco meal, without coats or jackets, in the middle of January! Can’t ask for better than that 🙂

    Lovely post and have a good February! 🙂

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