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A couple of days in London

It seems that lately I’m blogging more about London, but this month I’ve spent another couple of days there. Should I mention I’m thinking of another short trip next month too?

This time we had some work to do as well and we didn’t have lots of time for sightseeing. Even so, I’m going to write about Museum of London, Hunterian Museum. The 3rd post will be about Tower Bridge and Tower of London seen from outside, as we got there too late to visit it.

01 A couple of days in London

02 A couple of days in London
Near Tower of London is a small dock called St. Katerine, a perfect opportunity to see a few tall ships.

03 A couple of days in London
Cittie of Yorke, in High Holborn is in a fairly new building, as it was rebuilt in the 20th century. But in that location it was always a public house from 1430. We didn’t stop for a pint, but we’ll keep it in mind for next time.

04 A couple of days in London
Christ Church Greyfriars was established in the 13th century as a monastic church. After the dissolution it became a parish church for a little over 100 years when it was destroyed in the Great Fire of London. It was rebuilt only to be bombarded in the Second World War.

05 A couple of days in London
In the small Postman’s Park we saw a coconut tree with coconuts in it, not exactly what I would’ve thought I’m going to see in central London.

07 A couple of days in London

There were two exhausting days with lunches consisting of sandwiches eaten on the street due to lack of time. But we could see a few things, we had a treat at Paul’s, a new pair of trainers for me and three for hubby.

06 A couple of days in London

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  1. I live v close to London but I hardly go in during daytime so it is great to see your posts.x

    1. It’s quite hard to visit places nearby because it seems close and not very holiday-ish. I’m only 40 minutes away from Manchester and I can’t say I know it 🙂

  2. Haha, I don’t blame you for going up to London so frequently, it’s such a lovely city! Some really cool photos, especially of that beautiful old church. Looking forward to your Tower of London post 🙂 x

    1. Thank you Amanda x Usually I have to go with work, but I can squeeze in some sightseeing 🙂

  3. I’m really enjoying your London posts. I’m getting an insight into so many places in the city that I didn’t know existed. I’ll have to visit them all next time I’m down south!

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