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March 2020

March was such a crazy month, we’ve started with a lovely lunch on a boat, two trips to Oxford for University and a visit to Cat Cafe Liverpool. All of us watched Crufts. As one can imagine, Festus did not miss a show, even though there were two each day. By the end of the second show he might have fallen asleep, but he did his “duty” to bark at many dogs before that. I’ve read some pretty great books, more about that see at the end of the post. I finished 15 books this month, that’s pretty amazing.

It was also sad with the pandemic and we are now in lockdown. As you can see, from 24th, all the pictures are taken inside the home. Festus still goes for his daily walks, of course. We’ve been busy at home, with movies, I did a bit of colouring, I tried a new kind of makeup, which was amazing. I share less on my blog at the moment because I don’t have as many interesting things to talk about. I will continue to post once or twice each week, just not 2-3 times as before, so there isn’t a huge change.

It’s a shame that we’ve had so many amazing things planned, but even the Jousting event at the end of May was cancelled in the last few days. I had tickets to a climate change talk at Liverpool University and I was thinking of talking about that on my blog too, which didn’t happen. But, with so many people sick in hospital, all this seems so trivial and unimportant. I just hope the situation will improve soon. The data shows that the lockdown is working in UK, so, hopefully, the situation will continue to improve in the next weeks.

Festus, before lockdown
Festus, before lockdown

Festus, after lockdown
Festus, after lockdown


1. EverGreen Cafe in Lymm. 2. Festus, eager to play. 3. A book I finished that day. 4. University. 5. Cat Cafe. 6. Crufts. 7. Brunel, a fab book I read. 8. Celebrations for Women’s Day. 9. The Wexell Escape Room 10. Vegan chocolate eggs. 11. Red Lion, Deddington. 12. Lions sleeping at Knowsley Safari Park. 13. Real golf, not the mini/crazy version. 14. What we do in the shadows, a fun movie. 15. Home-made turmeric latte. 16. Festus modelled for a book I wanted to take a picture of. 17. Vegan dessert. 18. Flowers from my husband. 19. I was enjoying a 19th century economy book for an essay. 20. A picture from my home office. 21. Stuffed dates, something I love eating. 22. Festus, on Mother’s Day. 23. Library was closed, without any notification. 24. Vegan poutine. 25. Flowers from my garden, in a vase from the Highgrove Gardens gift shop. 26. A special product which is very hard to get hold of these days: flour. 27. I made a plan for my essay and put it up in my office. 28. Festus, being cute. 29. Hot cross buns, yellow and green. 30. Self-care. 31. Book I’ve started today.


This month I managed to read a total of 15 books and I’m pretty pleased with this number, the highest number of books in a month in many years. Of these books, 6 are fiction, romance, from a series. I DNF one book from the series as I did not enjoy it, and continued with the next one, which was really good.

As for non-fiction, I finished two books for University and the one about Brunel, which was great and I do recommend it. I was still hoping to see F1 when I read that book, but now the season is postponed. I also read two books from the Instant series, which are really great, I loved them. Now I’m reading the next one in the series, on science.

Saving Buddy is a book I heard about at Crufts and I managed to find it at the library, which was great. Finally, I’ve read two books by Paul Dolan, on happiness. The first one, Happiness by Design, was great, the second one, Happy ever after, quite a disappointment. Anyway, you can read the reviews for almost all of them on my book blog, Coffee and Books, only the review for the last one, Instant Engineering, will be published in a few days, so do make sure you are checking it if is something you’d enjoy reading.

Books I read in March:
The Knight’s Broken Promise by Nicole Locke – 5 stars
Europe’s Uncertain Path 1814-1914 by R.S. Alexander – 5 stars
Her Enemy Highlander by Nicole Locke – 5 stars
Happiness by Design by Paul Dolan – 5 stars
The Highland Laird’s Bride by Nicole Locke – 5 stars
Formula One 2020 by Bruce Jones – 5 stars
Brunel by Steven Brindle – 5 stars
In Debt to the Enemy Lord by Nicole Locke – 5 stars
The Knight’s Scarred Maiden by Nicole Locke – 5 stars
Saving Buddy by Nicola Owst – 4 stars
Instant History by Sandra Lawrence – 5 stars
Reclaimed by the Knight by Nicole Locke – 5 stars
Peaceful Conquest by Sidney Pollard – 5 stars
Happy ever after by Paul Dolan – 3.5 stars
Instant Engineering by Joel Levy – 5 stars

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  1. Well done on your 15 books! They look an interesting lot. I’d definitely like to know more about Brunel so I might look for that one! I failed miserably with books in March- only 5 in total.. I was hideously busy and then with the lockdown etc, I just found it hard to concentrate- also, I read a book I wasn’t really keen on so that stalled me for a while!

  2. Wow, 15 books, you’re my hero! Festus looks so melancholic in that photo, poor soul.
    It was a strange month, when I think that at the beginning we still had school and cafes open, etc, and now we’re pretty much stuck at home.
    Keep safe, Anca! Kiss Festus for me.

  3. Festus kind of sums up all of our feelings in the two photos. I will be so glad when we’re over the hump with the spread of this virus. I know it may not go away entirely, or may come back in the fall… but I hope we can be better prepared with treatment plans and eventually a vaccination.

    You still managed to have a very productive month, all around.

  4. What a fabulous reading list. Well done! We’re locked in for a long while yet. It’s a good time to get things done. Please stay healthy!

  5. It’s good to hear that you’re safe and well at home, and taking this time to do something new! It is tough to see a lot of projects and outings cancelled, but it is the best thing to do right now and hopefully the better we follow instructions, the sooner the epidemic will be over. Having a garden is great during this time, if only for Festus – lucky him!

    Julia x

  6. Congratulations on reading 15 books in 1 month. That is an accomplishment. You may be able to beat that with the lockdown. I hope it gets better for you guys soon. Here they are now expecting things to level off in May so it is still going to continue to get worse before it gets better.

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