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Buckt March

We all know about subscription boxes that vary from food, tea, or chocolate to beauty. Well, there is another subscription box, that is quite different. I’m talking about Buckt, a subscription box with activities!* How amazing is that? I loved the concept and I was happy to collaborate with them. Thus, this is my review of the Buckt March box. Also, there is a code at the end of the post, if you fancy trying the box for yourself.

Firstly, a few words about the box, but check their website if you want to know even more. Basically, you sign up and you receive 5 mystery things to do each month. The price for a DUO box, that means two people is £25 and for an individual one is £17. That is great value for money, as you’ll see shortly. You can do one or two or all of the activities, as you fancy them. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry if your schedule is a bit tight, you can book the activities in the month you get the box and in the following month, so there is plenty of time to have fun. The boxes are available in Greater Manchester and Greater Birmingham.
The person that signs up can take any other person with them, so you don’t have to take the same person each time. On top of that, you can buy additional passes for friends, if they want to join, that’s handy too. Now I’m going to talk about the Buckt March box, following the order in which I did the activities.

Buckt March - Bingo

A Game of Bingo, a Meal and a Drink at BJ’s Bingo. It was worth £10 per person plus meal and drinks. Adding up the other two, would be just shy of £36. Only that is over £25, how much the subscription is per month.

I never played Bingo before and it was fast and fun. I did enjoy myself a lot, much more than I was expecting, to be fair. It’s very likely I’m going to go to night out again.

Buckt March - Bingo

We had to ask how to play it. Imagine our disappointment when an amused guy that works there told us that nobody shouts “Bingo”. We were lost for words… so what do people shout? Well, we didn’t have to shout as we didn’t win anything, but it was so much fun either way.

Buckt March - Bingo

Now, let’s talk about the food. It was very affordable and very delicious too. Same goes for the red wine we’ve had. It was just lovely, everything, the staff, the food, the game.
The location was BJ’s Bingo in Leigh.

Buckt March - Tatton Park Farm

Another activity is a visit to Tatton Park Farm, worth £7 per person. After you book, you get a confirmation and in that confirmation there is mentioned a person that can help you if you have any issues with the booking. I found that very helpful indeed.

Tatton Park is a lovely small farm with a few well cared animals and some buildings that are open to the public. It’s near the Tatton Hall, where there is a restaurant, and, of course, you can see the grounds too. I did enjoy visiting the farm, as I was able to pet almost all the animals.

Buckt March - Tatton Park Farm

Buckt March - Tatton Park Farm

Buckt March - Tatton Park Farm

Buckt March - Tatton Park Farm

Buckt March - Ping Pong at Twenty Twenty Two

The third activity we did last week was to play ping pong at Twenty Twenty Two Ping Pong Bar, worth £5 per person. I had no idea there is such a thing, a bar where you can also play ping pong. I loved it. We’ve had an amazing time, playing in a laissez faire manor, meaning we didn’t care if the ball was bouncing off the wall, the floor… or the other table for that matter. The decor was stunning too.

Buckt March - Ping Pong at Twenty Twenty Two

I’m so happy I went there because I’d like to visit them again and I wouldn’t have known about them otherwise. Twenty Twenty Two Ping Pong Bar is located in Manchester, on Dale street.

There are two more activities in the box. Tickets to We Are Lager Festival, worth £11 per person and a Choice of Photoshoots – Capture, worth £37.50.

I did mention that the box is worth it. We are not into lager, so we’ll skip the festival, but I’m very excited about the photoshoot. I’m going to book for the end of next month, because we are celebrating our wedding anniversary and it would be a nice way to mark the occasion with a couples photoshoot.

As I mentioned, the box is £25 per month for two people. If you add up how much money the tickets would have been, it’s about £120 for all five (considering the meal and drink for Bingo the same price as the ones we’ve got). That’s amazing!

*Collaboration. All opinions are my own. I don’t receive any money if you sign up, but I think you should because the box is worth it.

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  1. This sounds like a great subscription box actually, I didn’t even know this type of boxes even existed. I am familiar only with the beauty boxes. I think me and my partner would really benefit from this as we never know what to do at the weekends, it’s either shopping or local walks! I am definitely going to consider subscribing.

  2. What a fun box! I wish we had something similar for local activities. Love the farm photos. The dining room looks so cosy and vintage.
    I’ve never been to bingo, and would love to go one day, just to get an idea.

  3. This sounds like a really fun way to try lots of new things – great for weekend adventures 🙂

  4. This sound like so much fun… and a really good deal.

    In general I prefer lagers to ales, so I would have wanted to do that festival. My family enjoys bingo, but those cards don’t look like any I’ve used. Maybe they’re used at the more “professional” bingo parlors. It’s been ages since I played ping-pong and that looks like a blast! It might be my favorite thing you did.

    1. Ping pong was my favourite thing too. I liked everything about the location and it was fun.

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