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Holiday Bucketlist

The next two months my husband and I are going on two holidays. So I thought it would be nice to make a Holiday Bucketlist. In October we’re going to Cornwall and in November in Bath and Bristol. It will be the first time we are going to these locations, so I’ve made a long […]

Journey Through Waste

Journey Through Waste

The Journey Through Waste, is the last post I’m making from Heritage Open Days. I’m very interested in recycling and to learn how recycling works. Luckily I was able to get the last ticket at the tours that were available this year. It was free and it lasted for around one hour and a half. […]

Festus' 9th Birthday. His gift

Festus’ 9th Birthday

A couple of days ago we’ve celebrated Festus’ 9th Birthday! He has a bit of white hair, but the rest is pretty much the same. His present was a toy! The day started with us singing “Happy birthday”, as we do every year. Festus loves that. He is looking at us, wagging his tail, sometimes […]

Sea Odyssey

Why You Should Come to See the Giants

Are you wondering why you should come to see the giants in Liverpool in two weeks? Because they are amazing! I’ve seen them twice and this is the last time they are going to make an appearance. I’m very excited about this and I’m going to go to see them all three days. It would […]

Ford Green Hall. Outside

Ford Green Hall

Ford Green Hall is a lovely farmhouse dating back to the 17th century in Stoke-on-Trent. More details are available on I’ve enjoyed my visit a lot. There were a few volunteers and they were so friendly and they answered all our questions. I would gladly visit Ford Green Hall again. Ford Green Hall is […]

Wedgwood Museum

Wedgwood Museum and Tea Rooms

I wanted to go to Wedgwood Museum and tea rooms for a while, and earlier this month I finally went there. We’ve planned to go to a restaurant that day, so we’ve only ordered cream tea at Wedgwood. See more on The Tea Conservatory looks lovely decorated. As we went to Wedgwood during the […]

Hall i’th’ Wood Museum

Hall i’th’ Wood Museum

Hall i’th’ Wood Museum is a gorgeous Tudor house with a lovely history, managed by boltonlams. I went to see a tour on Heritage Open Days. That meant that we got a very rare chance to view the attic, where is believed that Samuel Crompton hid the spinning mule in late 1700s, during the outbreak […]

Virtual Reality Escapes. The kit

Virtual Reality Escapes

My husband and I went to Virtual Reality Escapes, a VR centre in Chester. After having a lot of fun, I’ve decided to take some pictures and blog about them. We’ve decided to go to Chester on my husband’s day off. So, we bought tickets to Virtual Reality Escapes and made a reservation. Both of […]

Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory

Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory

Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory. It’s named after Jeremiah Horrocks, the Lancashire astronomer who correctly predicted the transit of Venus in 1639. See details on Preston and District Astronomical Society’s website, at On the day we visited the observatory it was raining. But, even so, the park looks beautiful. I’ve shared a couple of pictures at […]

St Anthony’s Church. Inside the church

St Anthony’s Church

This week Heritage Open Days starts, an annual event. From July I start looking at their website to see what new places I can visit, especially as I follow them on Facebook and I see there many updates. The first thing I’ve visited this year was St Anthony’s Church in Liverpool. That’s the best part […]