Duck race Lymm

On Easter Monday we’ve been in Lymm to see the Duck race. I read about the duck races and they are organized for fundraising for charity.

When we left home it was gloomy, but during the race the sky cleared and the sun was shinning. I really enjoyed it.

Lymm duck race 2015

I discovered Lymm last month when I wanted to walk in a small, quiet village. It was lovely, we stopped for cake and the walk was so relaxing. It was then when I found out about the duck race and it looked like something fun. So, after a day of splurging on food and chocolate, we’ve went to see the ducks.

Lymm was so busy, lots of stalls and buzzing with people. Unexpectedly, it was quite difficult to find a parking space and we had to walk a little more.

Lymm village fete

Lymm food fair for Easter

I found a nice place, exactly near the finish line and waited there for the ducks to show up.

Lymm Easter Monday duck race

Easter monday duck race

Lymm duck race

Lymm duck race 2015

Lymm charity duck race

Yellow ducks race for charity event on Easter Monday

Ducks race for charity fundraising on Easter in United Kingdom in Lymm village

Lymm duck race in Cheshire 2015

Lymm ducks race 2015

Duck race

14 Lymm duck race

I hoped I’ll see the duck with the number 14, as it’s the date of my birthday and hubby’s birthday too. Missed it at the race but I’ve seen it at home, when I was looking through the pictures. I was so surprised, seeing it in the middle of hundreds of ducks.

15 Duck race

I don’t remember the numbers of the 2nd and 3rd place, but the winner was Duck 25. Sorry, no pictures with the winners.

Lymm Easter food fair

This is a bouncy castle sort of thing.

Lymm Easter food fair and duck race for Charity 2015

18 Lymm duck race

It was warm enough for ice cream. Although I do eat ice cream in the winter too 🙂

19 Lymm

20 Lymm duck race

21 Lymm duck race

Have you ever been to a duck race?

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  1. That looks so cool!! But what makes the ducks move? Wind only? What if there’s no wind?

    1. The ducks moved with the waves made by the guys in the kayaks. It was very funny to see them jump to create the waves.

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