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Red Lion Inn Deddington

Update: They went back to serving meat.

I’ve been to Red Lion Inn Deddington a couple of weeks ago. The pub is now closed temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they do takeaway, which must be so helpful for vegans and vegetarians in that area. I’m looking forward to visiting them again, when all this is over and, most likely, I will be in my second year at Oxford. Check their website and their social media channels for updates.

Red Lion Inn, Deddington

I saw that they were changing the pub’s menu, which included meat, with one that is 100% plant-based. So, I knew that I have to visit this place after they made the change, earlier this month. On my last day commuting to Oxford I knew it was the perfect time to have a little celebration by having lunch at this lovely place.

Red Lion Inn Deddington. Interior

The pub is gorgeous, like all old pubs are. It was a farmhouse until the mid 19th century. It took the name of a former pub. As usual, we’ve ordered two dishes from the menu and we’ve shared them.

Bindaetteok at Red Lion Inn Deddington

Bindaetteok are pancakes made with mung beans and kimchi, served with soya dipping sauce and salad. It is a gluten free dish. My husband and I loved it. I was very happy with the kimchi, as their flavour was not as strong as the one I had before, which was more suitable to Korean palate and it was a bit too spicy.
I liked their kimchi so much that I would have bought a jar of it, given the option.

sausage roll at Red Lion Inn Deddington

The second dish we’ve ordered was the sausage roll, served with salad, mayo, and vegetable crisps. It was good. I especially liked the addition of those vegetable crisps. I’m going to use that idea for my salads too.

The Bindaetteok was £8.90 and the Sausage roll was £5.90.

Red Lion Inn Deddington. View from our window

How gorgeous is this view from our table.


Red Lion Inn Deddington is on Market Place, Banbury, OX15 OSE. There are a few parking spaces, free, just outside. Besides the pub there are also a couple of shops, like an Antique centre and a market. Deddington is at an only 30 minutes drive from Oxford.

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  1. I have seen Deddington with its distinct architecture, but never had a meal there. I have been through it recently, when we travelled to see one of possible respite places for our son. Hope the pub will re-open soon enough for you to enjoy it again.

  2. Yet another restaurant I would love to try! The kimchi sounds interesting. That’s something I’ve always been hesitant to try since I don’t like really spicy food.

  3. This spot is really beautiful. It will get saved for the Oxford next time list. I had hoped it would be this fall but I think I will delay awhile.

    Stay safe, Anca.

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