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Goughnuts review

When my husband and I went to Crufts in March, I mentioned that in less than 5 minutes after going into the show, we were already spending £23 on a toy, a Goughnuts. I wanted to make a post if the toy was good and I waited for a longer time to see how long lasting the Goughnuts is. They said that the toy is indestructible and they offered us a lifetime guarantee. I was thinking that we might have to send it by post in a few months to get a replacement considering how easy is for Festus to destroy toys. The toy is still with us and it looks great! That was a real surprise, I can’t recommend it enough.

Goughnuts indestructible dog toy review

If you have a big dog with a lot of chewing power, then this is the toy for you. It’s a little bit more expensive than the toys we usually get for Festus, but it’s well worth it considering we don’t have to buy as many. We got the Maxx Goughnut.

Goughnuts is made in US and it has an important safety feature. If the dog manages to chew the toy, if it gets to the red core of the toy, at that point the toy is not safe any more and it should be changed. At Crufts we had a chat and we’ve decided to get the ring instead of the stick or ball, as it’s harder for him to chew it. If you want to read more about the toys, have a look at the UK importer tufftoys4dogs.

You can see in the movie how Festus plays with it. He will also chew it for a while, but that wasn’t that exciting to film.

I might get other toys from them, like the MaXX TuG Toy, as Festus likes tug. He is trying to get my husband to play tug with him with his toy, so he would love that. I have to admit I would also like to get the Black Interactive Ball and the Stick because I’m so happy with the quality and Festus loves to play.

Goughnuts, review of the black indestructible dog toy

Sorry for the blurry pictures, Festus had the zoomies. This is why we also have to rearrange furniture before we give him any toys, as he gets so excited and can get hurt.

Would you get this kind of toy for your dog?

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