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365 Project – June

Another month passed and I’m still doing the 365 project. I like this project even more than I anticipated and I might continue it for a few more years. Until then, I should talk about this month. There were a lot of fab things.
I managed to keep with my smoothie challenge, although there is only one picture in here from my smoothies, more details in another post. My husband and I had our 9th wedding anniversary and it was great. I found a card for Father’s Day and that is so hard, as I’m trying to get one “from the dog”. We went on a holiday/work kind of thing in Essex and I enjoyed it a lot, even though I didn’t have a lot of time to visit. My husband and I went to the bed race, I fed peacocks and I made stacks of jars of different types of jam.


Day 153. Out in the park with Festus. Day 154. Beautiful flowers I saw in the B&Q’s garden centre while we were there shopping. Day 155. Vegan sweet potato chips with nutritional yeast on top, they turned out delicious. Day 156. Blueberry smoothie. Day 157. White roses in bloom at the petrol station. Day 158. Camping site in Essex, where we’ve spent a few days. Day 159. I saw some friendly goslings that were eager to try the food I had for them. Day 160. Hylands House. Day 161. A poppy on the side of the road, near where we parked the car. Day 162. Back home from Essex, I watched the first football match between France and Romania.

Day 163. One of my favourite beds at Knaresborough Bed Race. Day 164. I got RedBull to show my support for Max Verstappen (and because I like Red Bull). It was worth it, he was amazing in the race. Day 165. I made the skirt myself, the first one. I’m proud of how it looks. Day 166. Vegan creamy risotto with lots of mushrooms. Recipe on CookStyle Day 167. Fruits, before making them jam. Day 168. The dog, not keen to go for his walk. Day 169. The baking demonstration with Paul Hollywood at the BBC Good Food Show, Birmingham. Day 170. One of the lilies in my garden bloomed. Day 171. The card hubby received for Father’s Day. Day 172. The results at UEFA. I was cheering for England.
Day 173. Fresh bread. Day 174. I got some magazines to read and all of them had fab freebies. Day 175. Chocolate from Waitrose with very interesting flavours: milk chocolate with feuilletine & sea salt and white chocolate with matcha tea & pistachio. I liked both of them, but I can say I prefer the white one. Day 176. Pierhead, Liverpool city centre. Day 177. Relaxing walk by the canal. Day 178. A gorgeous peacock. Day 179. Courgette flowers from my garden. Day 180. A picture I took at a seminar held by Companies House. Day 181. Going for a run so I would be prepared for the 5k race on Saturday. Day 182. Cocktails at Cain and Grain, Manchester, a blogger event that coincided with our 9th wedding anniversary.

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  1. You’ve been quite busy this past month of June!

    One of the challenges you said you have stuck to was the smoothie challenges. Correct? Well, I’m looking for new smoothies as the only one my boyfriend Tristan and I seem to really like is blueberry banana. I don’t know many recipes and not many recipes can work with my boyfriend’s blender unless we use the houses’ blender. What would you recommend?

    1. I will write a post about smoothies next week and there will be more details about the smoothies there. I use lots of fruits, usually 1-2 bananas and then I add strawberries, apricots, nectarines, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, some Chia seeds to thicken and milk or fruit juice. I think these recipes will work on most blenders as the fruits aren’t that hard.
      I also made peanut butter smoothie with bananas and milk, orange juice and chocolate (cocoa powder) smoothie and another one with matcha. If you have something to thicken the smoothie, it will work. I hope that helped. xx

  2. Awwww, 168 is so cute! He looks very comfortable there! This is a great way to look back over a month, you do so many exciting things!

  3. I am not quite willing to accept that we are now in July, which means we are closer to Christmas than we are the beginning of 2016 x

  4. Oh my goodness 168 how cute! What a lovely way to look back over the year 🙂 x

  5. Where did June go? This is my third year of doing a photo a day project and it is so lovely to look back on. I do still forget to take photos sometimes though! Kaz x

  6. What a lovely idea this is, it’s nice to look back on what you were doing and having the photo as a little memento of the day. The sweet potato chips look lovely, by the way! x

  7. Such a great idea to do this! I love the sound of the vegan creamy risotto, do you have a recipe? x

  8. I really love this idea, I’m going to start this next month! Your June looks like a busy one and so much fun! Day 176 looks fab – I love Liverpool, such a beautiful part of the country 🙂

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