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Costume Drama tour

Sudley house has a special exhibition: Costume Drama – Fashion from 1790 to 1850. Costume Drama tour it’s a part of the special exhibition and we had the pleasure to listen to Pauline Rushton talk about the dresses.

I like the house, it feels warm and welcoming even if it’s a museum. The staff it’s great too.cdt_01

This white dress had a nice story. It’s from 1820, but it came with a letter and the owner was a daughter of a captain from slave trade. He wrote that letter to his wife, telling her nice things about her, their kids, his mother in law. The letter had a PS where he said half of the slaves were brought on board, which was very cold comparing to the tone of the letter.


This daytime dress was worn by a new bride, after her wedding.

The dresses were made from cotton and most of them were donations. The curator explained so nicely the big differences between dresses and it was amazing to see how the fashion evolved so much in just a few years. The evolution was due to technological progress and trends.




Dolls’ house on stand, from 1850-1880. The furniture is English, the glassware and metal chandeliers are French and the kitchen utensils, the ornaments and the tea set are German. It looked great.




Now it’s the tea room but in the past it was the kitchen. The homemade cakes looked yummy but we didn’t had time to try them, maybe next time.

We went for a stroll in the garden. It’s big and nice, with beautiful trees and very upset and fighting squirrels.



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