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This time I’ll talk about food and home and the two most important beings in my life: my husband and our dog.

1. Installing doors on the build-in wardrobe. My husband and I pondered for a little over an year if we should install doors on our build-in wardrobe or not. We both liked the way it looked without the doors, but we have a dog and there is dust. As with most furniture in our home, the doors are white and I really love the way they look.

2. Sorting out the clothes. It’s related to the first point, of installing doors. As I took all the clothes out, I took advantage and I sorted out all the clothes. You might have seen this if you follow me on Instagram. Well, if something doesn’t fit or I don’t like it any more, I will not keep it any longer. Hubby did the same with his clothes.
Now I have a bag of clothes for charity and a bag of clothes to modify. I’m sure my sewing skills aren’t amazing, but learning how to sew can be done by transforming a piece of garment into something new. At least this is what I think.

3. Spices. I had 30 jars of spices, I blogged about them in Using jars to keep the kitchen tidy. After getting more spices from BBC Good Food Show, I’ve decided to get another shelf and add 15 new spices. It might sound like a lot, but I use most of the spices weekly.

4. Hubby and Festus. They make me happy. The dog makes me laugh at least a couple of times each day, he makes me go out for walks even though I’m busy, he sleeps close to me when we’re watching TV in the evenings. My husband and I laugh and we talk about psychology and politics and food. We also talk a lot about our job.

5. Discovering Smoky Lapsang tea. I got a lot of different types of tea from the Twining shop in London. I loved this, it has such a strong flavour. After taking a sip, I started thinking of desserts and how I can incorporate this amazing flavour into food. Hubby is not keen on the tea and he hopes I will not cook&bake lots of dishes with it. When I wrote this, I had another idea of how I can use the tea in a dish, I can’t help myself.

6. TV. There are great TV shows at the moment. I like Dragon’s Den, Eat well for less, Superfoods, Masterchef, Secrets of Underground Britain, Michael Palin’s New Europe and Panorama. I saw The Great British Sewing Bee and it was very interesting. Of course, there is also F1.


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  1. Before we moved into the house I considering having an open wardrobe, but when we moved it we found that the pervious tenant had left a wardrobe behind so I used that instead. I never really considered clothes getting dusty but I suppose they would.

    I recently started trying different types of tea and I’m finding that I’m really enjoying green tea, especially the fruity flavours.

  2. Sounds like you’ve been busy recently. Thats so cute about your husband and dog, I feel the same – I love how my dog is happy to see me, no matter what.

    Ooh I didn’t know there was a new Michael Palin program, I’ll have to look it up.


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