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Pancake Day 2023

This was the plan: We love pancakes and crepes. Today we are going to eat only pancakes and crepes. I shared an old picture as the post’s featured image. I will change it and update the post next day with pictures taken today. This is basically our plan for today: 4 different types of crepes and pancakes, both sweet and savoury. The crepes will be unflavoured, so they will work both for sweet and savoury options. The pancakes will be flavoured.


Now it’s time to update with details. We had all the pancakes and crepes we planned. Yay! I will talk about savoury before going into the sweet ones.

Pancake Day 2023. Savoury:

Falafel crepes

falafel crepes were filled with houmous, homemade falafels (hot), tahini sauce, pickled cabbage, pickled cucumber, salsa.

Falafel crepes filling

Pizza pancakes close up

pizza pancakes were topped with two types of cheese, salami, tomato sauce, mushrooms, olives, and small peppers. I also flavoured the pancake batter with pizza seasoning.

Pancake Day 2023. Sweet:

Purple Yam Crepes

purple yam jam crepes were filled with purple yam jam (shop-bought), fresh berries, fruit syrup, and vanilla ice cream.

Purple Yam Crepes filling
this is how purple yam jam looks like

Chocolate pancakes

chocolate pancakes, topped with coffee-chocolate syrup and ice cream and also fried bananas. I flavoured the batter with chocolate syrup. The syrup is sugar free, made with fruits (still lots of calories, but healthier overall). I only added a spoon of demerara sugar in the batter.

What are your plans for pancake day?

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  1. Our traditional UK pancakes, are definitely more akin to crepes and only served sprinkled with castor sugar and lemon juice, It is only in the past few years we have slowly transitioned to the US style thicker pancake and begun to use such delicious (if fattening) alternative toppings and fillings.

    I love fried bananas, a very Chinese way of serving them. However, I don’t think I am convinced by the purple yam jam, although I would definitely be prepared to try it, as it probably tastes much better than it looks!

    I guess you are all ‘pancaked out’ for a while 🙂

    1. I don’t know what to say… I would still have some pancakes. 🙂🙂

      The purple jam sounds a bit strange and the texture is a bit different, something between a jam and a spread. I liked it a lot. The colour is strange, that’s way I bought it in the first place. 🙂

    1. Yes, that picture was of crepes. I made both crepes and pancakes yesterday. I think we should have more Pancake Days throughout the year. :))

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