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Pick your own Pumpkin

In the weekend we’ve been to a local farm, just 25 minutes away, to pick our pumpkin. My husband and I talked before going to pick up the pumpkin and we’ve decided to take just one. We’ll get another closer to Halloween.

It was the first time we’ve been to Kenyon Hall Farm and we thought it will be a small farm. Well, it’s not. There is a farm shop, tearooms, pick your own pumpkin, plant centre and a huge car park (which was full). There is also a maize maze. As they organized the PUMPKIN FESTIVAL, there were other activities too, like face painting for kids and pumpkin carving.


Visitors can pick their own or chose the pumpkins they like. There were loads of pumpkins, all looking beautiful.


We went on one of the fields and it was quite empty, not surprisingly with the amount of people that were there. We managed to find two pumpkins we liked and we took them.


On our way back to the tent, we saw another field, went there and got two more pumpkins. I said I wanted to get one, but everybody was excited about the pumpkins and I’ve started to think how I can prepare them and we took 4.

This is the plant centre, where they sell herbs, salads and flowers.


After paying for them, we went into the farm shop and had a look around.



Then hubby said he wants corn on the cob and we could pick our own. If it involves harvesting, I’m all for it. So we went into another field to pick corn. On this field we saw the horses, gorgeous, but not keen on interacting with us.


Again, we got a little excited at the possibilities and we picked 7.


All these were picked by us. It was a little over £10 for all.

If you want to visit Kenyon Hall Farm, the address is: Winwick Lane, Croft, Warrington, WA3 7ED. It’s between Liverpool and Manchester, so in easy reach from both cities.

Did you pick your own pumpkin?

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  1. I’ve been there too, a while ago and thought it was lovely. I have a thing about pumpkins and currently have a row of them sat on the window ledge. Yesterday I made pumpkin risotto, what do you think you will make with yours?

    1. Pumpkin risotto sounds delicious. I made a pumpkin strudel, roasted pumpkin soup and pumpkin smoothies. 😀

  2. How lovely to pick your own pumpkin, bet that will really add to the excitement of Halloween 🙂

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