La Traviata

La Traviata

This week I’ve been to the Opera House in Manchester to see the wonderful La Traviata performed by the Ukrainian Opera & Ballet Theatre Kyiv with international soloists, highly-praised chorus and full orchestra. I was very keen on going to see Ukrainian artists, at this difficult time, to show our support. I’ve seen La Traviata […]

strawberries for dogs


CuppaPug is a lovely pug cafe in London. They are getting booked fast and they allow only 12 people at a time, so make sure you are booking way in advance if you want to visit them. The dogs are so cute and the staff is great. I highly recommend them. We bought strawberries from […]

My new vatnik

Handmade Vatnik

I am so excited to show you my latest purchase from etsy! I mentioned in the post about the MSt at Oxford I am going to start this October, that I will be researching Holodomor, as it was seen by the British media. During the Cold War, the term tankie was used for Western supporters […]



Portmeirion is a village built in the 20th century, from 1920s until 1970s, made to look Italian. Now it is a tourist destination, one in which it’s easy to spend a day without any doubt. The village is stunning, there are restaurants, cafes, shops, two walks – a woodland walk and a beach walk. There […]

Underground Golf course

Underground Golf

Underground Golf is one of the adventures at Zip World, in Blaenau Ffestiniog. They have zip line and karts and a tour in an ex-army truck. Zip line is a big NO from me, but I might be inclined to do the tour in the army truck and the karts. It was raining, so we […]

Llanfair slate caverns

Llanfair slate caverns

Llanfair slate caverns are man-made caverns, close to Harlech, with stunning views of Cardigan Bay. It was raining when we visited, so no pictures, but the view was still beautiful. There is a lovely cafe and a well stocked gift shop. The slate caverns are free-flow and the entry fees are value for money. We […]

View from the train

Ffestiniog Railway

The Ffestiniog Railway is one of the most important steam railways in Wales. We decided to take our holiday in Wales because of it. It was on our to-do list for some time and now it was the perfect time for it. The Ffestiniog Railway is part of the UNESCO “Slate landscape of North Wales” […]

Yume Tea

Yume Tea

I tried Yume Tea when I visited Cream Dream in London. I loved the buckwheat tea and asked them if they sell the tea, but they didn’t. Meanwhile, the ones that are selling to Cream Dream have started their own business, selling buckwheat tea. You can get it from their website. I see that it’s […]

Juicy Marbles - cooked

Juicy Marbles

Juicy Marbles is a Plant-Based alternative to meat. Check their website for more details. I tried these for the first time when they were brought in by Waitrose for Valentine’s Day meal-deal. Well, they decided that selling out BEFORE the day was not enough to convince them to bring more and stock on the shelves, […]

Raspberry & Vodka Chocolate Thins from Fortnum & Mason

Raspberry & Vodka Chocolate Thins

I got Raspberry & Vodka Chocolate Thins from Fortnum & Mason for my husband. Initially I wanted to get them for Valentine’s Day, but ended up gifting them earlier. I love buying from Fortnum & Mason once in a while. Their teas are very good, so in the last years I got some as Christmas […]