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After 8 days away, without using my laptop (I only had the phone for business emails) and blog, I felt the need to write this post about the good things. So many good things happened in the last 2 weeks, I can only hope you’ll find the time to read it all (and not get bored 🙂 ).


Happy things:

1. Ascension. I wasn’t too keen on this movie, but hubby insisted and I’m glad he did. We’ve seen the first and second part of the mini series and it was very interesting.
I like the concept, a project to see how a few hundred people would act if they were to make a 100 year journey to another planet. There are so many interesting aspects for the generations between the first one who left the Earth and the last one who would reach the planet.

2. Saving money. We were looking for some things we need for a DIY project at B&Q and an employee told us they have the same item we were looking for at the clearance section. So, we’ve ended up saving £40!
Also hubby negotiated a 15% discount for a new laser printer and I didn’t think it was even possible as it was from a shop of a huge retail chain. We would have bought it anyway, but it was even better as a deal. I’m so proud of him!

3. Talking 1+ hour on the phone with mum. The phone calls to my mother last for 30 seconds or 1 hour. It seems we can’t talk for a couple of minutes unless there is somebody else in the room.

4. Shopping. I bought a small bottle of Amarige after years of using other perfumes and it brought back so many happy memories. Also, I have a new Cashmere poncho and scarf and 3 kits for molecular gastronomy! I’m so happy with them, can’t wait to try them.

5. Staying a week in an amazing cottage. Self-catering cottages are perfect for us when we are going for a few days with business. If we go together we have to take the dog with us and the cottages are perfect. Also, we have the privacy that I need it after a busy day. This week we’ve stayed in a beautiful, charming cottage that deserves its own blog.
I’m not very found of hotels or B&B, as I want a bigger space, apart from the rest of the world. Also, having to go to a restaurant, on heels, waiting for the food and chatting after 9 hours of… staying on heels and chatting, it’s not exactly what I’m logging for.

6. Daily photo shoots. Hubby was very helpful and took a few pictures every morning before leaving for the fair. I’ll make 5 different blogs and post them a few days apart, so I don’t overwhelm with fashion posts when (hopefully) I’ll have so many interesting things to blog about.

7. Blogging. I missed blogging! I had no idea I’ll miss it so much this week, in the last few months I’ve become accustomed to write about stuff that happens in my life on a regular basis and it was strange to pester only hubby with my thoughts.

8. Meeting new people and seeing new ideas. One of the best things about fairs is that one can meet so many new people. Loved it! I also love seeing so many interesting things that are offered at trade shows.

9. Convincing hubby to go to London for another show. Well, for me going 5 days at a trade fair made me want to participate at another trade fair. This one is in London and we’ll be there just for a day. It’s smaller, so a day will be enough and it has a completely different theme: fashion! Last year I’ve been alone, so this year it should be much better, having hubby with me.

10. A special display for our wedding rings. We don’t wear our wedding rings as we they don’t fit and we didn’t modify them so far. I thought it would be a great idea to get a special display for them, I’ll take some pictures the following days. Of course, we could modify them, but it’s a long story for another time.

11. 8 days in heels. I’ve realized when I arrived at the cottage that I forgot to take any trainers with me, so I had to wear only heels for the period we’ve been away. I enjoyed it even if my feet weren’t that happy 😀

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  1. Hi Anca,
    Glad you had a lovely break! I look forward to the outfits. The mugs are SOOO cute, I adore them.xx

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