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My garden in October

My garden still has a lot of colours, with plenty of flowers still in bloom, some for the second time. I bought some bulbs, but I did not have time to plant them, this will be a task for next week, when I’m at home for the whole week.

My garden in October

fig tree

The fig is slowly losing its leaves, but still has a lot.



The Chrysanthemum grew so much and now is finally in bloom. It looks wonderful.

Bee on Chrysanthemums

And it is popular with the bees.




Passiflora is still growing, which is lovely.


Cherry tree

The fruit trees, apple, cherry, and plum are all shedding their leaves.


The rosemary is in bloom and had a lot of flowers, unlike last year. I gave it a good prune and that might have helped it flourish.

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  1. You garden looks lovely and I like the white painted panels as a backdrop, they reflect the light so beautifully, although I am guessing that they need to be refreshed every year, and that’s not quite so good!

    I love chrysanthemums, but then, when I was a florist, we used so many of them in one variety or another, that they became an intrinsic part of my daily life!

    Good Luck with planting your bulbs and enjoy your weekend at home 🙂

  2. Some lovely colour in your October garden, Anca. Love that you have so many figs to harvest, and your dahlias look wonderful. Good luck with your bulb planting, I have around 250 to do this year, eeep! 🙂

    1. 250 is a lot, good luck with that. Your garden is big and you have lots of plants, sometimes I wish for a bigger garden, but that comes with added work and I’m not sure about that part. 🙂

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