Making my own perfume

I made my own perfume! Last weekend I’ve been to London to a blogger event organized by LightsbyTENA. I went to London by train, as it’s so much faster than driving and it was a great idea, as there were Chinese New Year celebrations in Trafalgar Square and roads were closed. I will share a […]

Chinese New Year, Liverpool

In the last year Chinese New Year was celebrated when I was away with work and this meant I wasn’t able to attend the celebrations. This year I found that the majority of the celebrations in Liverpool will be today, when I’m in London. Well, that is actually funny and my reason to go to […]

Why I'm celebrating Valentine's Day

Why I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day

I’m not sure if the title “Why I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day” is the best one, as I’m celebrating with my husband, obviously, so I should have included him in my title too. He has the same reasons as I; basically, it’s fun, there is chocolate and/or cake, a special meal and cards. Last year in […]

The 1930s at Sudley House

Last week I went to see a special exhibition The 1930s at Sudley House. The exhibition is called Putting on the Glitz and that is an appropriate term, as the clothes look stunning and the whole period was about glitz. The 1930s marked a period of recession after the Wall Street Stock Market Crashed. It […]

ASDA Wonky Veg Box

After trying unsuccessfully last time it was in shops, now I managed to get my first ASDA Wonky Veg Box. They sold out in a few hours, so it’s not an easy thing to get your hands on. I wanted to get this box because I want to support the local farmers, I believe that […]

The Design Museum

This week my husband and I went to London for the day, mainly with work. After finishing what we had planned, we went to see The Design Museum. As we arrived at the museum late, at 4.30 pm, it wasn’t enough time to see the two special exhibitions, so we saw only half of the […]

Patisserie Valerie

Special cake at Patisserie Valerie

Imagine my delight when I was asked to sample the new, special edition cake at Patisserie Valerie. The cake is called Madame Valerie Gateau and it has a chocolate sponge and caramel cream with bits of honeycomb; how could I have said no to this? Especially after I mentioned that Why I’m Never going to […]

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iTunes giveaway

I’m so close to reaching a milestone on Twitter, so I thought a little giveaway will help me with this. The mandatory option is to follow me on twitter and there are a few other options, if you want more chances to win a £10 gift card. The giveaway will end on 23/01/2017. Please read […]

Why I’m Never going to say No to Cake

In this post I’m going to talk about diet and, more precisely, why I’m never going to say no to cake and pasta and bread and all the things I like. On January all the ads with “indulgence”, “treat yourself” and recipes for fatty Christmas foods are gone. Now it’s time for “New Year New […]

Reading challenge 2016 – Did I fail?

I started a reading challenge last year. Considering that I didn’t complete my challenges for 3 months, I can say I failed. At the same time I discovered new authors, like Thomas Hardy. I loved his book and then I watched Far from the Madding Crowd, an adaptation after one of this novels. I loved […]