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Today I’m sharing the most popular posts this year, over my three blogs. So, it’s a top 3 in each case. To pick the best 9 in 2020, I looked over the stats, as in views and also took into consideration the comments, but to a much lower extent. Of course, some of the posts from the last years were among them, as people still see old posts, especially for books and recipes, but also for reviews and museums on my lifestyle blog. I have to admit I was surprised by the most popular posts, as some of them seem a bit random. I will link to all of them, if you fancy having a quick look.

best 9 in 2020

These are the best 9, the most popular ones are the ones on the top, second best is on the second row, and the third most popular are on the last row. Each column is for a blog, starting with ancaslifestyle, Cookstyle in the middle, and Coffee&Books in the end.

Best 9 in 2020. Lifestyle

Bloggers Art Gallery is the most popular one. It was such an interesting post, in collaboration with other bloggers, all showing the artwork from our homes. I have more traditional art works, but I picked this with my living room, as I love the bookcases, made from scratch. They are art to me, in a way. Also, now I have a few more books there. The bookcases are starting to get fuller and fuller. I’m not sure they will be enough by the end of my studies, despite my best efforts to buy as little books as I can.

Where I grew up is the second one and I was really surprised about this. I shared a lot of google maps views from the places I used to see as a child. It was a lovely memory trip for me and I did not expect it to be so well loved by my readers.

I am really happy that My new garden was popular too. My husband and I worked very hard to make it as it is. I am very proud of it and it brings me joy each time I look out, which is, several times a day, of course.

Best 9 in 2020. Recipes

Well, we all know that controversial topics are the most popular, so my Marmite Houmous recipe might show exactly this. After trying some marmite houmous from the supermarket I realized that is not vegan. How bonkers is that vegan marmite + vegan homous make for a vegetarian marmite houmours?! They added a bit of milk for whatever reason. But, I made it at home, shared the recipe, and it became the most viewed this year.
Even if you don’t like marmite, I would suggest trying this recipe.

Mushrooms with peanut butter is something we make very often, either me or my husband. We love it and had this for years. It’s very easy to make too.

Victorian Macaroni Pudding must be the most random post someone searches for too. I wouldn’t have imagined it would be such a success. It is made after a recipe by Mrs. Beeton and it is very interesting indeed, funnily enough, it is also similar to a recipe I had as a child.

Best 9 in 2020. Books

I read The French Revolution by Stephen Clarke at the start of the year. It is an older book, so I did not think it would be so popular with my readers. I’m also happy to see that all three books are non-fiction and on historical topics. This is a fun view of the French revolution, explained in a way that makes you remember.

The second book is The Domestic Revolution by Ruth Goodman. It is a broad history of Britain from the 16th to the 19th century and beyond. I feel I learned a lot from it and I would read it again in an year or two.

The third book was a surprise, not because the Forgotten Slave Trade by Simon Webb is not an amazing book, because it is, but because I only published the review for it last month.

What do you think about these top posts? Are you surprised, like I was, by some of the topics?

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  1. I’m not surprised to see these posts popular. Book reviews are something I always enjoy and I loved your garden post. I’m not update with your recipes, I only recently realized that you have a culinary blog as well. I’m not vegan but if I was, I too, would be annoyed at sth non-vegan being sold as vegan, so it is good you were able to come up with your own recipe and mix. Thanks for sharing and happy holidays. All the best in 2021.

  2. It’s fun to look back like this. I enjoyed all these posts. To narrow it down even more, my favorites of the nine would be your post on where you grew up and the post about your garden. 🙂

    As with your book blog…. I don’t see my comment on your last post here or your last post on your food blog. I guess the cyber-gremlins had it in for me the day I made those comments!

    1. I like doing these round-ups because they reveal something I wouldn’t have imagined before checking the stats. This happens also because I rarely check the stats. 🙂

      Thank you for checking the blogs and letting me know. xx

  3. Firstly, wow, I did not realise you had three blogs, how on earth do you find the time?! I’m not surprised your garden post was so popular, I think a lot of people discovered gardening this year so it struck a real chord. And I’m intrigued by mushrooms in peanut butter, I’ll have to take a look at that 🙂

    1. I don’t put too much pressure on me when it comes to my blogs. My aim to share a recipe each week and 1-2 posts on the other blogs. I use my blogs quite often too, to remember places I’ve been to or recipes, so it’s handy too. 🙂

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