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365 Project – November

It’s the 1st of December and this is the last month in my 365 (366) Project. So far I took at least a picture every day and I’ve posted it on Instagram. I enjoyed doing the challenge a lot. It’s very likely I will continue with it next year.
November was a great month, I baked the last bakes for GBBO, I celebrated my birthday, we’ve been to London, I started buying gifts for Christmas, we went to a Christmas fair, to a opening for a new Japanese restaurant in Manchester and we tried the bumpy cars.  December should be very exciting too with the holidays and lots of new things to do, some related to work.


Day 306. I made the plan for baking the final challenge at the Great British Bake Off. Day 307. This is how it turned out. I was so happy with everything. Day 308. The last cake I’ve baked for GBBO: British Crown Meringue Cake, tasted amazing too. That day we had the last slice of the cake. Day 309. A pot of tea after a very long and busy day. Day 310. Fireworks on Mersey for Bonfire night. Day 311. My plans for tonight include fluffy slippers, tea, movies and a tired dog at my feet. Day 312. Christmas fruit with Courvoisier, yummy. Day 313. Mushrooms were on menu. I love King Oyster mushrooms. Day 314. Modelling my new Christmas socks with a little help from Festus. Day 315. A cute kid at the Festive Gift Fair at the NEC. Day 316. A cake inspired by the ones my grandmother used to make for me.

Day 317. My husband and I visited Tate Modern in the evening and it was lovely. I loved this display made out of couscous. Day 318. A path in the woods we’ve walked Festus. Day 319. Having coffee in an Igloo near the Tower of London, on my birthday. After that we went to the Tower for the ceremony of keys. Day 320. A busy evening on Oxford street. Day 321. Bridge cafe, the famous cafe where the loosing team of The Apprentice is going to talk before going into the boardroom. Day 322. My dinner, stir fry Mediterranean veggies with a duck egg. Day 323. I tried the chocolate bars I got from Liberty. Delicious!
Day 324. I got the first gifts for Christmas for my husband from TKMaxx. I didn’t expect starting the Christmas shopping so soon. Day 325. My homemade sour cherry liquor. Day 326. The coffee plant I got from Kew Gardens a couple of months ago.

Day 327. Me, having Prosecco at the Revolution event at Victoria Warehouse. Day 328. Fresh bread, homemade tomatoe sauce, veggie burger, cheddar, pickled walnut, baked fries and a homemade onion, mustard and cream sauce for dinner. Day 329. My boy & his treats. Day 330. Breakfast of ancient grain muffin with crushed avocado with olive oil and sundried tomatoes, poached duck egg and mustard and single cream sauce. Day 331. Poinsettia, the first Christmas decoration for this year. Day 332. Bumping cars, on the docks. It was so much fun. Day 333. I finally got some lipsticks, after trying a lot of samples. Day 334. I was at the opening of a new Japanese restaurant in Manchester. Day 335. Festus.

How was your month?

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  1. Wow! That is some dedication! I wish I had the ability to keep up with something like this!
    Love all the pictures!

    Bronagh xo

  2. Wow, this takes serious dedication, well done you! Your boy is such a cutie, rottweilers are the best.

  3. Wow you have been busy. November was very busy for me also. Done with my Christmas shopping now. Just a few things I need to sort out.

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