Blogger event in Liverpool

On Sunday I’ve been to another blogger event in Liverpool. It was organized by Jenny and Katie, two lovely bloggers I met at my first event in March (organized by Katie). The event was held at The Lime Kiln.

image courtesy of Jenny

00 Blogger event Liverpool July

The event started with a talk about blogging. Lisa from Hollybobbs, our speaker, told us about promoting on social media, SEO and a lot of other interesting things on blogging.

The event continued with presentations from the brands: MyShowCase, Motives and Skinny Tan. Then we had the opportunity to have a look at the items and ask questions. I always enjoy this part, as I am quite strict with what I use and I usually like to ask details about the products.

Blogger event in Liverpool

0001 Blogger event Liverpool July

03 Blogger event Liverpool July

02 Blogger event Liverpool July
There were a few treats ready for us, like this wonderful pop-corn. I don’t eat a lot of pop-corn, but the Tommy tucker were so good.

01 Blogger event Liverpool July
We had macaroons too, by The Little Macaroon Shop.

There were some contests and prize draws. We had to answer blogging questions and the winner was the one with the most correct answers. It was so funny, although I managed to get only 3 answers right (from 10).

04 Blogger event Liverpool July

The ladies from Skinny Tan gave us numbers for the draw. I got the number 9, but Cheryl was so kind to swap her 14 for my 9. I wanted the 14 because it’s my birthday and hubby’s birthday and… I won!! We had a laugh when the number was announced. I took a few pictures of the prize to blog about it and gave the products to Cheryl as she should have won.

We had lunch, sorry, no pictures. I realized after I’ve started eating that I didn’t take a picture… greedy me. It was a great event. I’ve met wonderful bloggers: Cheryl, Emma (style-splash) and Dana (carryonbeautiful).
I would have liked to talk more with the bloggers I’ve met before and/or follow their blogs: Holly (empfire), Steph (seeingspots), Laura (insidelaurashead) and Sarah (salocainwonderland).

That was it, hubby called as he wasn’t parked in a good location and I had to hurry. Now let me show you the goodie bag.

05 Blogger event Liverpool July
As you can see, the goodie bag was huge! There was also a fabric bag from The Blogger Programme. There were so many brands: Lush Spa Goodie Bag, Virtue Ice Tea Drink, Thomas Tucker Popcorn, Earthnicity Make Up, Greener Cleaner Brush, Passion for Natural, W7 Make up, Playboy Make up, Mello Mallo Marshmallow, Sweet Heart Wax Melt, Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream, Boden, Manuka Dr, Sweet Cecily’s body butter, Milton Lloyd. I picked a few brands to write more details.

06 Blogger event Liverpool July
The Aloe Vera Body Scrub was the first thing I looked at. The products are made in the UK. The scrub I have is too soft, but I used this one yesterday and I’m very happy with it.

07 Blogger event Liverpool July

Earthnicity make up was something that caught my eye.

08 Blogger event Liverpool July
I chose to talk about this Greener Cleaner brush because I love the concept behind it: reducing the waste by recycling it into brushes with a little bit of wood from sustainable sources. I didn’t have the chance to try it, but it looks sturdy.

09 Blogger event Liverpool July

Lush goodie bag, there were 2 samples and a lovely heart-shaped melting massage cream that smells amazing.

10 Blogger event Liverpool July
There were two bags of Tommy tucker pop-corn, so hubby and I split them evenly… mine was the big one.

12 Blogger event Liverpool July
The next item is a body butter made by Sweet Cecily’s. I’ve read their story yesterday and I loved it. A small family run business making their products in UK is definitely the one that appeals to me. I’ve used the butter once and I like the smell and how it feels.

13 Blogger event Liverpool July

Virtue Ice Tea Drink in a new brand, less than one year old. There were only 63 calories per can and the sweetener is natural.

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  1. I really enjoyed this event. I only wish it had been longer and I had had more time to come and chat to you. But next time! Or if we meet for a coffee. 😉

    I didn’t realise you won the Skinny Tan gift bag. Congrats! It was so sweet of you to pass it on to Cheryl.

  2. Ooh, this looks like such a fun event! Sounds like you had a great time, Anca, and what a great opportunity to not only learn about new products, but you clearly meet some really cool people, too! Love the goodies in the goodie bag, enjoy 😉 x

    1. Thank you x It was great. Meeting new people with the same interests is a treat by itself.

  3. It looks like a fantastic event, with many useful tips and talks. What fantastic goodie bags too! That was very kind of you to give the products to Cheryl. The popcorn looks very yummy!

    1. Thanks Katy x I was happy 14 was the winning number 🙂 The popcorn was delicious, yum.

  4. Glad you had such a good time, it was great fun wasn’t it! And thanks for the mention 🙂

  5. This event looks like so much fun. I’ve not been to one like this in a while but I do love them!

    Corinne x

    1. There are more events planned for the Autumn, in Liverpool. I can’t wait for the next one, is so much fun.

  6. It was so lovely to meet you!! How amazing is the goodie bag?! I’ve been using everything in it so much!

    1. It was great to meet you too xx I agree, the goodie bag was amazing, there were so many wonderful things in it.

  7. Wow! It sounds like you had an incredible time! I wish there were blogger events like these! They look like so much fun!

    xx Bash

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