Age of Dinosaurs

Hubby, a friend and I went to see the special exhibition, Age of Dinosaurs, at World Museum. It would have been better if we had a kid with us… just to justify our presence there, but, even so, it was nice. We took some pictures and we had some laughs.

The leaflet I took from the front desk helped me give you some important info. But, first of all…


Smile! you’re on camera!

The first dinosaur we saw, a Camarasaurus (chambered lizard) had up to 20.000 kg and 32 m in length.


This one is a Gallimimus (chicken mimic). His behavior was similar to a chicken.


Me and hubby in the same picture… very unusual :))


On the left it’s Protoceratops (first horned face) and on the right it’s a Velociraptor (quick plunderer). They didn’t move much. The leaflet said the Velociraptor was a vicious predator, even if it had only 7-15 kg.


Oviraptor (egg thief). I though he was guarding his own eggs…but apparently he was guarding his breakfast. A fossil was found protecting a nest of unhatched eggs, 18 of them.


Tarbosaurus (alarming lizard), it had 8 m in length and around 3600 kg. Nice movement and sounds. I liked this one.


This is a half skull from a real dinosaur.



This is not a war command center, but it’s looks like one. It was one of the two interactive tables depicting the dinosaur’s evolution.


I just love his eyes. They were very realistic, they move, had a nice color and… he could close the eyelids.