What’s cooking #4

Last month I’ve missed the What’s cooking update, I planned to do a post about smoothies, but I forgot, so I’ll add those ideas into this post about food. In June I did a Smoothie challenge, it went well and I had a smoothie every day. I skipped 2 days of exercising, but the main focus was on the smoothies. I’ve decided to continue with the smoothies, but adding a twist, if I can’t have a smoothie, then I should have a soup.


The smoothies I’ve made from left-up are:
Banana with orange juice, Chia seeds and date nectar.
Matcha with banana, milk, Chia seeds, date nectar.
Raspberries with strawberries, banana, milk, Chia seeds.
Peanut butter, banana, sweetener, milk and Chia seeds.
Strawberries and banana, milk, Chia and flax seeds.
Banana with pear, orange juice and Chia seeds.
Blueberries and strawberries, a little bit of carrot, banana and orange-juice, Chia seeds.
Apricot with banana, orange juice and Chia seeds.

Most of the smoothies I’ve made were vegan as I don’t seem to think milk adds a lot for most smoothies. I prefer using fruit juice instead, so I have a little bit of extra flavour. To make my life easier, I’ve prepared a lot of fruit packages.

02 packages smoothie

packages smoothie

I made mixes of fruits, like these ones with strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, melon and mango. I washed and prepared all the fruits in bowls and then I’ve started packing them in 300g portions. I make 2 servings of smoothies as hubby will have a smoothie with me, so 300g is how much we need. I will also add a banana or any other fruits I have, juice or milk and Chia or flax seeds.
The next I’ve made more packages with carrot, blueberries, raspberries and I also made 150g of individual packages of grapes and nectarines. I have around 20 packages in the freezer and when I will run out, I’ll make another huge batch of fruit packages. Last year I didn’t have them and it was harder to keep up with the challenge.

butter spread
I made a butter spread from butter with cold pressed rapeseed oil. It’s more spreadable, delicious and a little bit healthier than standard butter.

courgette dish
I had some courgettes and I’ve decided to make them grilled, in a bhaji, courgette with mayo and garlic and slices of stir-fry courgette with paprika. It was really delicious.

This is an older picture, but I bake doughnuts quite often. Hubby loves them, it takes only a few minutes to get them in the oven. Considering my recipe, most of doughnuts I made have less than 10g of sugar/piece.

homemade bread
I made white bread, although I usually bake wholemeal bread or a 50/50 flour mix. It was lovely and my husband was delighted by it.

rhubarb and vanilla jam
I made Rhubarb and vanilla jam last year and I loved it, so this year I’ve made a bigger batch. I also took advantage to update the post I had on my food blog.

vegan pasta
Vegan pasta with mushrooms and cauliflower sauce. It was amazing, we both enjoyed it a lot.

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  1. Oh my goodness, the courgette looks amazing and you are SOOOO organised with the smoothie packs!! I prefer smoothies sans yoghurt or milk!

  2. I love smoothies, I’ve spotted all of yours have banana in them and I’m allergic. It’s always hard for me to find recipes for smoothies. 🙁

    1. You can make smoothie with any fruits you like. I love bananas and this why they are often in my smoothies. Sorry to hear you have an allergy.

  3. I’ve just got a new juicer and a frozen dessert maker so while they’re iced desserts and not smoothies, I’ll be using some of your fruit combinations to go inside, they sound great! xxx

  4. I love making smoothies and how refreshing they are. the fruit packages is a perfect idea. Would love to try the Peanut butter, banana, sweetener, milk and Chia seeds.

  5. I love this post SO much and the colour just made me happy, I love the look of those smoothies. Your pics are all really creative also x

  6. Wow, you are so organised with your smoothie making – so healthy! I love a smoothie in the morning, it’s the perfect breakfast. The Rhubarb jam looks amazing too – wish I lived in your house 😉


  7. I would love to invest in a blender so I can make smoothies. I love the idea of preparing the fruit in advance. It must save so much time when you want to make one.

    1. It really does save a lot of time. I have a food processor and it’s fab. I use the blender every day and I make lots of other things in the main bowl, like houmous. I would recommend a good food processor as it can be so useful in cooking.

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