January 2022

It seems like time flies, but with a very busy month, it’s not surprising. We enjoyed many new items that were new for Veganuary, but mostly we tried places we haven’t been to before, so new to us. I’m in the Veggie Society at university, so I’ve been to 2 social events. There is another […]

Club Mexicana

Club Mexicana

Club Mexicana is a vegan restaurant off Carnaby Street. We’ve been there twice and the food was really good. Some dishes are a bit more spicy than others, so it might be worth checking before ordering if spice is an issue. They also stock Mexican beer and have a couple of cocktails too. This restaurant […]

The Postal Museum

The Postal Museum

The Postal Museum is a fun museum in London, but, more surprisingly, it’s not the first Postal Museum I’ve been to. I blogged back in 2018 about Bath Postal Museum. I loved visiting the museum and I think despite the fact that is pricey, it is worth it. The visit starts with a trip on […]

Neat food

Neat Burger

Neat Burger is a chain of fast-food places in London, set up by Lewis Hamilton, the F1 driver. He is vegan himself and he cares about sustainability, animal welfare, and the environment. The fact that someone that is so much in the public eye, with him winning 7 championships and backing a project like this […]

goals for 2022

Goals for 2022

It’s time to plan ahead, so these are my 2022 goals! Goals for 2022: Blogs 1. Post regularly. My goal is, again, to post all book reviews on Coffee&Books. When it comes to recipes, my goal is to publish 30 recipes/reviews on CookStyle, new or old ones but veganized. My goal for ancaslifestyle is, the […]


Goals for 2021. How I did

It’s time for a round-up and look back of my 2021 goals before setting (very similar ones) for 2022. Overall I’m pleased with what I did, even if I didn’t complete all of them. Goals for 2021: Blogs 1. Post regularly. My goal is to post all book reviews on Coffee&Books, which I did, but […]


Wulf & Lamb Marylebone

Wulf & Lamb Marylebone is a fine dinning restaurant with an entirely plant-based menu. You can see more on their website. They have two locations, one in Marylebone and another one in Chelsea. Because it is close to my flat in London, we’ve only been to the one in Marylebone so far, but I plan […]

The Vegan Kind. December Box

The Vegan Kind

Instead of reviewing the Vegan Kind Subscription box last month, I’ve decided to talk about it now and share my thoughts on all the boxes. This will be the last post on the subscription, but I did not stop it, I renewed it for another 6 months. The beauty one I stopped for a short […]