Freud Museum

I’ve been to Freud Museum a few years ago and recently I visited it again. Here are a few highlights from it. I can’t recommend enough this museum, it’s fantastic. This is a very quick update.

Freud Museum

Flat in Vienna

These pictures are with the flat the family lived in Vienna.

Freud's office


The sofa was brought with them when they had to flee Austria after the Nazi took over. Freud had a Jewish heritage.

Freud's office



Freud by Dali

This is a drawing of Freud made by Dali, who was a fan.

Anna Freud's exhibition room

This room is dedicated to Anna, Freud’s youngest daughter.

Anna's diplomas

These are her diplomas. She was a renowned child psychologist.

Anna's desk


This Begonia has a lovely story. It is a descendent of a Begonia Freud had.


In the gift shop one can buy this rug. I got one. It looks lovely.


This is another item I fancied, but it is a bit expensive.

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  1. That is a little expensive but I like it. I would have bought the rug, too. This looks like a spot I’d find very interesting and I’m glad you shared it again.

  2. That’s pretty neat about the begonia. I don’t know how easy it is to take cuttings for new plants, but wouldn’t that be a fun item for the gift shop! I like the porcupine, but not at that price.
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    1. In the first post about Freud Museum I wrote much more, including on why I feel a connection with the museum, if you fancy a look:

      The porcupine has a fascinating story. Before going to US to give lectures, Freud was anxious about the trip, so he said that he is going to US to see wild porcupines and also to give a lecture. It might sound strange, but it works. After seeing that in the museum 5 years ago, I applied it a few times, for work and on events. Someone from US gave Freud a porcupine, which he put on his desk in 1909 and it never moved from its place. This is why I was thinking of the porcupine.

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