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Osprey Project and Dodd Woods

I heard about the Osprey Project at Countryfile and I wanted to see the birds. The day we’ve been there it was foggy, but we both managed to see them. We parked at Dodd Wood carpark and we climbed to the first viewing point. The live CCTV coverage of the nest wasn’t available anymore, as the “little” one was bigger than her parents and ready to leave the nest.

01 Osprey and Dodd Woods

There is another viewing point, with lots of signs towards them. The board estimates the walk at 20 minutes, but it took us only 10 minutes.

02 Osprey and Dodd Woods

03 Osprey and Dodd Woods
This is a replica of an Osprey nest. You can take pictures inside the nest, if you want to.

04 Osprey and Dodd Woods
This is the tree where the birds were when I saw them. Our camera is not suitable for wildlife photography, so I don’t have a picture with the Ospreys.

05 Osprey and Dodd Woods
This is how big an Osprey is. I was surprised to see how small they are considering the size of the nest.

The Osprey Project is located in Dodd Woods. There are a few waymarked trails through the woods. Near the car park there is a cute tearoom called The Old Sawmill.

06 Osprey and Dodd Woods

07 Osprey and Dodd Woods
I had a slice of date cake. I loved it.

08 Osprey and Dodd Woods
Hubby chose a slice of Pavlova. It was very good.

09 Osprey and Dodd Woods
While we were enjoying our cakes I saw that 50% of the sales of the squirrel biscuits are donated to a foundation that helps the red squirrel. We had to get 2 biscuits, it was for the squirrels (and they were delicious).

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  1. We recently went on an osprey boat ride at kielder, it was fascinating to learn more about them. They are a great conservation success story. So nice to learn they are in other places as well

  2. It looks really pretty and with the added bonus of some pretty yummy looking cakes. I’m very jealous 😉

  3. I’m surprised at how small the Osprey are compared to the nest too! Looks like a really nice location to have a Osprey centre too.

  4. I’ve never seen an osprey nest, though I hear that there is one near our mountain cabin. This park and project that you visited looks fascinating! Your landscape pictures and the demo of the nest, the size of the osprey, are appealing. And I love the squirrel cookies! I didn’t know the red squirrel needed help. All in all, an informative and fun post!

  5. The squirrel biscuits are adorable! I don’t think I’d be able to eat them they’re too cute haha.

    Corinne x

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