May Morning

May Morning is a 500 year old tradition which involves the Magdalen Choir singing at 6am on 1 May morning on top of the Magdalen Chapel Tower. There are dancing performances throughout the city. I shared two funny stories and a lot of pictures from the day. We left our hotel early and, as we […]

Jousting 2024

Jousting 2024

As usual at Easter, we went to see the Jousting Tournament in Leeds. This time though we spent the night in Leeds and saw two events, one on Sunday and the one Monday morning. There are 2 events each day. It was lovely, even on the second day, when it rained. Just have a look […]

Charles I commemoration

Charles I commemoration

We went to London on a day trip on a Sunday and, just by chance, we ended up a few minutes before the parade for Charles I commemorations took place. We were very lucky. Charles I was executed on 30 January 1649. For the next decade Oliver Cromwell managed to make life miserable for everyone, […]

Christmas gifts

Christmas 2023

Christmas 2023, a quick update from me detailing the gifts and food we had. I will start with the gifts. These are mine. I love the marble chess, it was bought from an antique shop. I noticed it in the window and my husband went to buy it a few days later. We are picking […]


Wallingford fireworks

This year for Bonfire night we went to see the Walingford fireworks display. I was so impressed by everything. There were 3 bonfires and 2 fireworks displays. The bonfires started at about 6 and people, looked like thousands, could walk around, buy some food and drinks. We found some vegan hot dogs, so it was […]

Manchester Pride

I wanted to go to a Pride Parade for years, but I keep seeing them after they happen. Last year or two years ago we got to Manchester for lunch exactly after the parade was over and we only saw people with flags around. Finally, this year I saw that the parade will be during […]

Kalush - detail


Eurovision is hosted in Liverpool, much to my excitement. I took so many pictures that I had to collage many of them. There were celebrations for over a week in Liverpool and we’ve been a few times to see the different artwork pieces or celebrations of Ukraine. There are so many blue&yellow flags in shops […]



Last year we’ve been for the Queen’s Jubilee and the Funeral, so we couldn’t miss the Coronation. While initially we planned to go there the day before, on Friday we went to the Eurovision village to see Kalush Orchestra, so we couldn’t leave earlier. We got up at 3 and at 3.30 we were on […]


Jousting 2023

Jousting becomes a tradition for us at Easter. We’ve been in 2019 and 2022, with the years in between being affected by covid restrictions. This year we’ve been on day 3 (out of 4), so we saw something different, including training which involves cutting a cabbage while riding the horse or getting some small hoops […]