Wallingford fireworks

This year for Bonfire night we went to see the Walingford fireworks display. I was so impressed by everything. There were 3 bonfires and 2 fireworks displays. The bonfires started at about 6 and people, looked like thousands, could walk around, buy some food and drinks. We found some vegan hot dogs, so it was […]

Manchester Pride

I wanted to go to a Pride Parade for years, but I keep seeing them after they happen. Last year or two years ago we got to Manchester for lunch exactly after the parade was over and we only saw people with flags around. Finally, this year I saw that the parade will be during […]

Kalush - detail


Eurovision is hosted in Liverpool, much to my excitement. I took so many pictures that I had to collage many of them. There were celebrations for over a week in Liverpool and we’ve been a few times to see the different artwork pieces or celebrations of Ukraine. There are so many blue&yellow flags in shops […]



Last year we’ve been for the Queen’s Jubilee and the Funeral, so we couldn’t miss the Coronation. While initially we planned to go there the day before, on Friday we went to the Eurovision village to see Kalush Orchestra, so we couldn’t leave earlier. We got up at 3 and at 3.30 we were on […]


Jousting 2023

Jousting becomes a tradition for us at Easter. We’ve been in 2019 and 2022, with the years in between being affected by covid restrictions. This year we’ve been on day 3 (out of 4), so we saw something different, including training which involves cutting a cabbage while riding the horse or getting some small hoops […]

Discover Dogs

We’ve been yesterday to Discover Dogs and today I’m sharing over 30 pictures from the event. It was amazing. Today the event continues. As we got tickets for a day only, we got there at 10.30-ish and left at almost 5 in the afternoon. It was fantastic! Enjoy the pictures.

The Queen's coffin

The Queen

The Queen’s death came as a shock to us, like for most other people I imagine. We drove to London on Saturday and on Saturday evening at 9pm we joined the queue for the lying in state. It took exactly 12 hours to reach Westminster to pay our respects. Like many people around me, I […]

Rolling Stones Tour - Milan

Rolling Stones Tour

My husband and I were invited to the Rolling Stones Tour in Milan and it was incredible. Today they are in the Netherlands at the Johan Cruijff Arena AMSTERDAM, so I thought it would be the best day to share some pictures from the concert in Milan. Our group received invitations from one of the […]



Kynren is a pageant, in its purest form, not a procession, but a theatrical performance, with many volunteers taking place. At the start of the 20th century it was a craze with hundreds of pageants taking place all over the country and abroad. The bigger ones had thousands of performers, just to get an image […]

Platinum Jubilee Pageant

Yesterday we got up at 5 to get to London in time to see the Platinum Jubilee Pageant. That surely highlights how excited we were about the jubilee celebrations, especially as we were in Bishop Aukland – Darlington in the previous 3 days. We bought 2 flags for the parade and saw a commemorative one, […]