Festus, after lockdown

March 2020

March was such a crazy month, we’ve started with a lovely lunch on a boat, two trips to Oxford for University and a visit to Cat Cafe Liverpool. All of us watched Crufts. As one can imagine, Festus did not miss a show, even though there were two each day. By the end of the […]

playing golf


A couple of weeks ago I went to Boomers and Swingers at Astley Golf Driving Range to play golf. I never played golf before, as miniature golf is not a proper sport. I enjoyed myself so much that I’ve decided to make a post about it. Firstly, it is quite difficult to play. I didn’t […]

Red Lion Inn, Deddington

Red Lion Inn Deddington

Update: They went back to serving meat. I’ve been to Red Lion Inn Deddington a couple of weeks ago. The pub is now closed temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they do takeaway, which must be so helpful for vegans and vegetarians in that area. I’m looking forward to visiting them again, when all […]

colouring book

Self-isolating. Activities for Adults

More and more people are asked to stay at home, so I came up with a new post: Self-isolating. Activities for Adults. There are plenty of posts and advice regarding what you can do with children, but not so many when it comes to adults. For the last week I’ve been at home, mainly because […]

Monkeys with keeper

Knowsley Safari Park, March

As it was a lovely day last Thursday, we went to see the animals at Knowsley Safari Park. As usual, it was great. We did not go to the foot safari as I was not feeling good, so we only went to the drive-through safari, where I could stay in the car. I have a […]

Hilary Term

Hilary Term

Hilary Term is now over. If you are curious how the first term was, have a look at Michaelmas Term. This term I had to do two essays, I had tutorials, and I started a new period, European history in the 19th century. It was different because we changed the period and the professor too. […]

The Wexell Escape Room

The Wexell Escape Room

The Wexell Escape Room by James Hamer-Morton* is an escape room puzzle game with 5 rooms. I was so looking forward to playing this game as I love escape rooms. So far I’ve been to different escape rooms three times, including to one earlier this month. Also, I got a basic escape room game which […]

My TBR Pile

My TBR Pile

As today is World Book Day, I thought it would be nice to share my TBR pile (to-be-read). It is the 23rd year of World Book Day, how nice is that. Aside from these books, I will borrow some University-related books from the library, but I did not include any as I’m not sure I […]

EverGreen Boat Cafe

EverGreen Boat Cafe

Update: The Boat Cafe is no longer there because they had some personal problems (details are on their facebook page). EverGreen Boat Cafe is a unique plant-based cafe relatively close to us, in Lymm, between Liverpool and Manchester. You can see here pictures of the village from one of the visits a few years ago. […]