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Christmas tree

christmas tree 01

As it is 1 month to Christmas, it was time to set up the Christmas tree.

christmas tree 02

We were very well prepared for this task with mulled wine (the recipe will follow) and mince pies (shop-bought!, very naughty, but had no time to make ones at home).

christmas tree 03

Festus was keen in inspecting the tree. As he assured us everything is in order, we could proceed in setting up the tree.

christmas tree 04

He was there at the making of the tree and for decorations as well. It’s so cute Festus wants to be involved even if he can’t really do anything (well, he could brake things, but that’s a different story). He does this every year.

christmas tree 05

christmas tree 06

The stockings are ready for Father Christmas.

christmas tree 07

At the moment they are filled with empty jewellery boxes to keep their shape, as on our new modern fireplace it’s impossible to hang stockings.

And a couple of pictures with the lights off and the fireplace on.

christmas tree 08

christmas tree 09

I couldn’t be happier with the Christmas tree in our new and beautiful home.