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Elizabeth Gaskell’s House

I’ve been to see Elizabeth Gaskell’s House last month and it is great. The strange part is that I read about her books, but I’m yet to read one. We wanted to spend a day out, so this was the perfect spot for us, far enough from home to make a “trip”, but close enough to get back home quickly, as it’s in Manchester.

They recommend two hours for the visit and it is about right. The rooms have guides that are eager to share all sort of the details. It was lovely to be told about her relationship with her husband. As I’ve read about some Unitarians in Manchester, I asked about that and the guide was very knowledgeable. In another room, a guide mentioned about investment in the railways, so I asked about the Liverpool to Manchester railway and, again, the guide knew to answer my questions. It’s wonderful to see guides that know the local history so good, I was impressed.

 Elizabeth Gaskell’s House

The house is beautiful and well arranged.


The office was great. I loved the Unitarian newspapers lined up. I would have liked reading a few of those.

Room in Elizabeth Gaskell’s House


This was brought from Italy, where Elizabeth loved spending her holidays. Her husband liked walking in the Scottish highlands instead.

Room in Elizabeth Gaskell’s House

Living room



Detail of wallpaper

This wallpaper was recreated using samples of old wallpaper and descriptions found in her letters. Also using letters and diaries they knew how to arrange the bedroom to make it as close as it would have been when Elizabeth was living there.

Quote on the wall

Downstairs is a tea room and there is a shop too. I bought one of her books, Ruth, and a second hand history book. Besides that we’ve had some lovely coffee, tea, and vegan cakes. It was lovely to see that they had vegan options as these small museums are sometimes behind the times.

Tea and coffee

We’ve had a wonderful time. I highly recommend visiting this museum.

Elizabeth Gaskell’s House is on 84 Plymouth Grove, Manchester, M13 9LW.

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    1. The north of England has a lot of things to offer. I think you would like the simplicity of this house. There are quite a few other places near Manchester that are worth seeing, like Quarry Bank Mill.
      I will check to see if I can find the BBC series you mentioned. xx

    1. Yes, it’s really lovely. There are some museums quite close too.

      She was a Victorian writer and it was so hard for her to write and get published. She couldn’t even borrow books from the library, her husband had to borrow them for her. Her books deal with the lives of poor workers. Ruth, the book I bought, is about a seamstress. I am looking forward to reading it.

        1. Yes. She could read at the library, but she couldn’t borrow books. Her husband was very supportive of her.
          Unitarians were considered radicals, and they were, as their views of gender equality and improving the lives of the poor were very different than what most believed at that time.

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