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Yesterday I blogged about Autodromo Nazionale Monza and today I’m going to talk about the city. Monza is a small city close to Milan, there are lots of trains, so it’s perfect for a day-trip from Milan. The trains are often and cheap, I would highly recommend using those.


As a city, it is not big at all, but it has a cosmopolite feeling. There are lots of coffee houses and beautiful shops. When it comes to tourist attractions, most are thinking of the track. There is also a nearby park which is lovely to walk through.

Duomo Monza

For me the highlight from the city was the Duomo. This was my favourite cathedral of the ones I saw. It was even better than the one in Milan because while it is not as big, the decorations are amazing. It’s free to visit too, so it’s definitely a must-see. The downside is that they do not allow pictures inside the cathedral, so I didn’t take any.

On its left side there is a museum I visited, Museo e Tesoro del Duomo di Monza, a museum that houses the treasure of the cathedral and also shows its history. There too I wasn’t able to take pictures, which is a shame because it had so many beautiful items on display. The entry fee is 8€ and it is worth it without any doubt.

Houses in Monza

There are many wonderful streets in Monza, so just walk around if you don’t fancy doing anything else. Not all museums are open daily and that might be a limiting factor too.

Olive tree

In my walk around Monza I saw this olive tree. It had a plaque remembering two men and all of mafia’s victims. The plaque was placed a few months ago, on 23 March of this year.

Tearoom in Monza

I stopped for refreshments and stood outside in an egg chair which was so comfortable.

Bubble tea

I also enjoyed some bubble tea. I would love to visit Monza again, if I ever have the opportunity.

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  1. I would also rather visit some of the smaller cities, which have so much character and feel more intimate, yet still with a sense of understated grandeur. We live quite close to Wells, which is reported to be the smallest city in the country, and I love it there. The cafe culture is excellent, with the Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace adding the stately tradition.

    Monza would definitely be my kind of place, so thanks for sharing your pictures! 🙂

  2. The outside of the Duomo is quite different (but lovely). Is the inside as interesting or is it more traditional?

    I’m afraid I might choke myself sucking up one of the tapioca pearls through that big straw! 😂
    Kelly recently posted…Caption this #4My Profile

    1. Inside all the walls and the ceiling are painted. This is why I loved it so much. I spent a lot of time looking at the decorations, it was just so beautiful. Marble-like plaques were painted on the walls and the shades and details were gorgeous.
      The texture of the bubbles is great for me, also give a burst of flavour. The bubbles have a flavour, the syrup another one, and the tea is different too. This is why I like bubble tea so much. 🙂

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