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My garden in April

Almost all of last month I was away, a couple of days in Durham and the rest in London, so I didn’t manage to get pictures of the garden. The flowers are growing amazingly with very little input from me. I just love that. The fence is newly painted too, so bright and beautiful. Enjoy the pictures.

My garden in April

Apple tree
Apple tree

Tulips in the raisedbed

Raspberry bush
Raspberry bush


Flower growing

Plants in the garden

Fig tree
Fig tree

Pear tree
Pear tree

Cherry tree
Cherry tree


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  1. Your garden always looks so neat and beautiful! I really love to see the flowers! I saw you mentioned pruning back your fruit trees- I ALWAYS forget to do it- not really sure what I am doing- perhaps I need to try and start doing that!!

  2. Anca, congratulations for the beautiful garden! When the blossom appears… it’s my favourite time of the year… In my garden I plan to remove any winter damage from trees and shrubs, to plant the warm season grasses and to fertilize.

  3. I was wondering how your garden was doing with you spending so much time in London now. Clearly it’s flourishing! What type of cherries are you growing? I don’t think cherry trees do well in my part of the world. Our peach and pear trees are blooming like crazy (and the mayhaws), so I hope they bring a good bounty of fruit.

    The tulips are lovely!
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    1. Thank you, I like the tulips too, so many of them survived the winter. It is going great. I was expecting less flowers and more weeds, so I was very happy to see the garden so beautiful when I got back from London.
      Of course, I had to look up the cherry tree in the blog’s archive, it’s so helpful. 🙂 This is a Cherry Sweetheart, a small patio tree, that makes fruits in August. I had to look up what mayhaws are. 🙂

        1. I had a look. I know about them from Romanian, but I didn’t know what the word meant. They are used in Romania too, but rarely. I don’t remember if I had mayhaw jam/jelly before.

  4. What a beautiful garden! The cherry tree blossoms are my favourite photograph. I always had a week spot for cherry trees, they have the most beautiful blossoms. Your tulips are incredible too! I love tulips. Your fig is looking good. I’m trying to remember what I’ve read about your fig tree in the past. Did you just got it this year or did you perhaps cut it during winter? I remember reading sth about it on your blog, I just cannot remember what it was. Anyway, the fig tree is looking great. I see you’ll have some figs as well. How exciting. The pear tree is looking lovely as well. I don’t know much about pear trees but I’m sure it’s happy in your garden.
    P.S. I love how the freshly painted fence really brings out all the plants.

    1. Thank you. I got the fig tree two years ago, when we’ve redone the garden. We cut it back in the Autumn to help it grow. All the trees in our garden are cut back in the Autumn and it seems that it helps them.

  5. Your fruit trees look amazing!

    I love it when the blossom appears, even though it doesn’t last any time at all and it starts my allergies off.

    It’s surprising how resilient plants are, they are quite happy not being pampered too much, it’s just a shame that the weeds think they are wanted in the same way!!

    I hope you get time to appreciate your garden over the Easter break 🙂

    1. Amazingly, there aren’t many weeds in the raised-beds, which was what I was expecting. I will remove them this weekend, as last weekend I was busy with essays. I bought one type of tulips from the reduce-to-clear section at the end of season and I thought they will not survive, but they did. They look just as good as the ones bought in season.
      The fruit trees are just stunning, I am so happy with them.

      Have a lovely Easter xx

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