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365 Project – April

April was busy and exciting, with a few blogger events, sunny days and snow, a trip to Newcastle for Maker Faire, rainbow pizza. May started great, with the BlogOn Conference on 1st, I will blog about it in the next couple of days. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.


Day 92. What I got from Ikea: a couple of pillow cases, some jars and tea towels. Day 93. A cocktail with dry ice, it was lovely. Day 94. Pizza for breakfast. Day 95. The sofa from the conservatory, ready for a warmer weather. Day 96. My grocery shopping spree. I got lots of interesting ingredients from the Arabic shop. Day 97. A Bumblebee decided to pay us a visit. Day 98. I had the chance to meet this wonderful little pet bunny. Day 99. Tikka masala. Day 100. A beautiful and sunny day.

Day 101. 9bar or Nakd? Day 102. The dog playing with big branches, as usual. Day 103. Cake to celebrate. Day 104. Grilled cheese and houmous for breakfast. Day 105. Cocktails at another blogger event. Day 106. Titanic Spa event. Day 107. A butterfly hubby caught in the house and released outside. Day 108. Festus on our afternoon walk Day 109. Rainbow pizza. Day 110. My new handmade vase.

Day 111. A picture taken on the road, of the beautiful English countryside. Day 112. Quick lunch at Costa, outside. Day 113. Hubby prepared the breakfast.
Day 114. The dog decided to take his toy with him on our walk. Day 115. One of the things we saw at the Maker Faire. Day 116. Cake and coffee with 2 amazing bloggers. Day 117. The farm shop I bought lots of veggies from. Day 118. Leaving the rottweiler out to play means he will stand there and wait for at least one of us to play with him. Day 119. The throw is back. Day 120. The Yorkshire hills, covered in snow. Day 121. A trip to Conwy for a very special reason (more about that in a week or two).

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  1. Are we really 121 days into the year?!! That’s frightening. Looks like you had a lot of tasty food this month. :]

  2. It looks like you have had a great month – lots of great photos. I am looking forward to hearing about blogon

  3. Looks like you have had a productive month and I look forward to hearing more about Blog On.

  4. I love how your time and days are documented, it looks as though you have done absolutely loads of things x

  5. What a fab month – I love how you present it. I should have been at Blog On – boo, I had a poorly car. Can’t wait to see what you thought! Kaz x

  6. The bun is adorable. Can’t wait to hear about blog on conference!

    Corinne x

  7. I really love the way you lay your pictures out on a calender, such a good idea! All the photos are lovely, I like day 116! Coffee and cake with bloggers sounds like fun, hehe. I also like the photo of the Yorkshire hills covered in snow!! Snow at the end of April, this weather has been crazy lately. xx
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