Platinum Jubilee Pageant

Yesterday we got up at 5 to get to London in time to see the Platinum Jubilee Pageant. That surely highlights how excited we were about the jubilee celebrations, especially as we were in Bishop Aukland – Darlington in the previous 3 days. We bought 2 flags for the parade and saw a commemorative one, so I got another one. With 3 flags for 2 people, we gifted one of those to a lovely lady who was watching the pageant too.
I need to look at the pageant again because it was so busy, I barely saw everything, and we were on the route an hour and a half before it started. It was a great atmosphere and I loved it. Enjoy the pictures and collages!

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  1. Your photos capture perfectly the atmosphere of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It’s worth getting up early.

  2. Ah, the pageant looks amazing! I was having a semi-nervous-breakdown last Sunday trying to get school work done (and avoiding it!) so I missed it completely. It looks amazing- daleks and everything!
    When it was the Queen’s 50th year jubilee, I performed as part of the Pageant (or a parade of some sort). We paraded around the streets, up to the Mall, into the Buckingham palace grounds past the Queen. It was very exciting!
    I wish I had made more of it last week. I was away in Northumberland till late Saturday and I just didn’t want to be inside whilst the weather was lovely!
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  3. It looks as though you had a great day and the weather held off just enough until it was all but over 🙂

    What you describe doing to bag your spot and keeping your place, reminds me so much of our many trips to Disney and trying to get get front row spaces on the kerbside for the children, so that they could see the parades.

    It was a lovely weekend and as a country I think we did ourselves proud. However I think that this was a one-off which is never going to be repeated for royalty again, as once the Queen passes, I think the British Monarchy is finished. I’m not that keen on the alternative of a Republic either, so I guess that one will be as bad as the other!

    I am only pleased that I am of an age where none of it is going to make much difference and it will be for the younger generation to forge a new path for the country 🙂

    1. I am a monarchist, so I disagree with you on this. For me, having an apolitical leader is something that should be cherished, not changed. With so many head of states involved in shady practices, in the west I mean – Schroder (bought by Putin), Nicolas Sarkozy (received a jail sentence for corruption and influence peddling), having a King or Queen is much better.

      1. We have both always been monarchists, especially as my husband served in the Armed Forces for several years. However I believe that the Queen marks the end of an era in both loyalty from the people and morality and possibly wisdom and commitment from within the Royal family.

        Don’t get me wrong! The idea of having a President scares me to death, and I suppose if I was actually forced to choose, right here, right now, I would probably stick with the Monarchy. 🙂

        1. Even good presidents are still biased towards the party they love and represent, so in my mind any change from an apolitical monarch would be a mistake. Hopefully it will not happen, last time when the monarchy was abolished was a pretty horrible time in English history.

    1. I couldn’t wait to see the Corgis. I saw the team making them on the news and I loved the idea. Each one was made to look like one of the Corgis the Queen had, so they were all different. On top of that, someone at the parade had his small dog with him, in his arms and the dog barked at the Corgis, it was so funny.
      There were also the horses the Queen had, all different too, with their names on the thing that moved them. It was such a wonderful tribute for her.

  4. Thank you for showing these! We didn’t see much (hardly any at all) on US news of the parade and I thought it looked like such fun! Did you have to reserve your spot? It looked like you got a great place to stand and I love the photos! A little envious that you were there in person! I love it!

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