Walking in high heels

“How can you walk in these?” I hear this question many times I am walking in high heels. I love heels and I find them comfortable. I have a single pair of low heels because I’m always drawn to 3″-4″ heels and I end up buying them.

Even thought they are so popular, I don’t have any pair of flats. I bought two pairs a couple of years ago and I hated them. They made me a lot of blisters and I felt they were going to fall off my feet if I walked faster. I have to admit I told hubby I can’t understand how women can walk in these.

01 Walking in high heels
my shoes, on display in the bedroom

From my experience, I can easily say that walking in high heels is easy, as long as the shoes are comfortable. Sometimes high heels can be more comfortable than low heels, it depends on the position of the foot. With some practice anybody can spend hours on heels.

I learned how to walk in high heels as a teenager. I studied in Romania and we didn’t have to wear school uniforms. Our teachers were letting us find our style and were allowing us to express ourselves. All of us were treated as young adults, so it didn’t matter if we were in heels or not and most of us were in heels. The same rules applied to makeup.

I have a curved spine. For years it wasn’t an issue, until I gained weight and the chronic pains started. I could wear one – one and a half inch heels. Flats weren’t an option for me back then either. After loosing weight, I was able to go back to the beautiful high heels I always loved.

walking in high heels can be easy

Now I wear heels every time I’m going with work somewhere, even if it’s a 10+ hours day in London or a 8+ hours day at a trade fair. I will also wear high heels when I’m going out, unless I take the dog or I know I’ll end up in a forest. Although, it happened to go on a short walk in the forest on heels because hubby wanted to show me a beautiful place he saw while walking the dog.

Do you wear high heels often? I would like to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Until I had an injury a couple of years ago I wore high heels all the time. Then had to find some flat’ish options and as a result absolutely fell in love with brogues. Now I switched between high heels and brogues/oxfords, though I admit ballerinas are still a bit of a no for me, too. x

  2. I’m quite short (5’2″) so I wear heels a lot! I pretty much always wear heeled boots to work and if I ever wear a dress then heels are a must!

    Love your heels selection I must admit!

  3. You wore heels despite your curved spine and other related problems??? You’re a trooper! And obviously a devoted heel lover.:) I’m envious a bit, I – on the contrary – get blisters in heels, while I can prance about in flats with ease.:D Great collection too, babe!!;)

  4. I used to be wonderful at walking in heels! I find when you do it often you get into the habit of it. Then when I lived in France and everything was cobbled, I stopped wearing heels and never really got back into it!

    Corinne x

    1. I feel the same, the more I wear them it gets easier. Aww, it’s not fun to walk in heels on cobble.

  5. I wish I could wear heels all the time! I can’t though, I love wearing them and can just about manage a 2.5″ heel but not much more than that. I think they always look great! 🙂

  6. Wow..that’s a lovely collection. I never wear heels. It’s only flats for me as heels strain my legs and knee joint.

    1. Flats are versatile, this is why I bought them last year, but the blisters were awful. It’s great you can walk in them. x

  7. Look at all of those wonderful shoes! I must admit I have a bit of a love / hate relationship with high healed shoes. They give great shape and can finish an outfit off a treat but I struggle earing them. After wearing heals for only a couple of hours I find the joints in my big toes play up (I think it’s arthritis already) and my back suffers too. Sadly flats or a very low heal are the only thing I can comfortably wear!
    I was out shoe shopping last wkend and came across a pair of brogue style ankle boots in a gorgeous autumn colour! Loved them, but had to leave them on the shelf due to the size of the heal!
    Angela x

    1. Thank you Angela x I’m sorry you have issues with your toes and back, I know how frustrating can be.

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