Run or Dye

On Saturday I had my first 5k race. I received an invitation for a Run or Dye event and I loved that opportunity. As I decided to run now, it was impossible for me to fund raise for a charity in a short time. I arrived an hour before the race at Cholmondeley Castle, in […]

Victoria Highfield Jewellery Shop, Manchester

I was invited to an event at Victoria Highfield to see their new ranges and have a chat about their pieces. I was delighted to attend as I love jewellery. There are two Victoria Highfield shops in Manchester, one in Stockport and the one in Didsbury, where the event was held. In the shop there […]

Cheshire County Show, part 2

Yesterday I talked about the livestock and other animals that I saw at Cheshire County Show. In this post I’m going to talk about the rest and I’m going to start with the thing I liked most: shooting. It was the first time I’ve tried it and I was incredibly good. This was my first […]

Cheshire County Show, part 1

I’ve been to a county show for the first time and I loved it. Going to Cheshire County Show was such a great experience that I couldn’t make a smaller selection of pictures (60 in total), so I’ve decided to split the post in 2 parts. The first part is all about the animals, as […]

Morning walk

I like taking pictures on our morning walk, to have a reminder of the nice things we are seeing each day. This is my favourite flower, I stop to look at the roses on our way to the park. There was another big purple rose, beautiful, but I didn’t take a picture and now it […]

Colourful Smoothie Challenge, next 10 days

In the first Colourful Smoothie Challenge update I set some goals for the next 10 days and it didn’t go as planned. I wanted to make 5 savoury but I did only 2 as I’m not very keen on them. At least, they are more colourful for this update. Day 11: Blueberries and banana Day […]

Africa Oye

Africa Oye is an African festival in Liverpool, at Sefton Park. I found out about it from a friend and decided to go. Yesterday morning was cold and it rained, so I prepared myself with wellies, waterproof jacket and we headed to Sefton. The sun came up and I had to ditch the jacket and […]

Good things

I wanted to go on a short camping trip, but we want to avoid going somewhere in the weekend as it’s more crowded. We had to postpone as we had to wait for an international package. Next week is unlikely we’ll be able to go for other reasons, but next month should be better. 1. […]

Fitness Update – P90X3, 2nd block

I just finished the 2nd month of P90X3. Like in the first block, I didn’t do all the workouts, I skipped 4 of them. The workouts are only 30 minutes, but even so, sometimes I can’t fit one in my schedule or I’m too tired. I also started running for the 5k race on 27th, […]

Knaresborough, day out

We’ve been at the Knaresborough bed race and it was so funny. As I had a lot of pictures, I had to split the story in 2: the bed race and the rest. Knaresborough is a small medieval market town in Yorkshire, first mentioned in the Domesday book. Is a picturesque and pretty town with […]