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BlogOnX May 2018

A couple of days ago I went to BlogOnX. This is the 5th time I’ve been to BlogOn. See: BlogOn May 2016, BlogOn September 2016, BlogOn MSI May 2017, and BlogOnXmas 2017. This time it was different for me, as I signed up to help Laura. It was fun and exciting. I didn’t have to do loads, only to give a 5 minutes notice before finish and, of course, to give the goodie bags to the speakers. Besides, I had to bring a lot of bottles of water, as the room I was in – Heaven, was so warm. If you’ve been to BlogOn and noticed me, now it might be clear why I was walking around with 3 bottles of water every hour or so.

BlogOnX Seminars

After the very interesting keynote speech, I went to Heaven for the first seminar. It was entitled: Getting Paid For Your Work? with Lee Furness and Sophie Mei Lan Hale. I found it very interesting.
It was nice to hear some ideas of how bloggers can make extra money, besides the usual and well known ways like sponsored posts.

BlogOnX Brand's Den

Next was lunch. As I saw it was busy, I’ve decided to go and see the brands before having lunch. It was a smart choice as the Brand’s Den was not as crowded and I was able to see all the stands quite fast.

BlogOnX Brand's Den

As usual, there are all sorts of brands at BlogOn, with all kind of products. From gifts to jewellery, toys, photography equipment, shoes, PR companies, food.

BlogOnX Brand's Den

BlogOnX Brand's Den

We could have our blog name printed 3D in a vegan candy. I loved that idea and I’ve had my blog name printed. I’m keen on 3D printed stuff and candy with my name and vegan seemed too amazing too miss.

BlogOnX Brand's Den

This is how it’s printing. Fascinating stuff.

BlogOnX Raffle Tickets

This is the raffle. I bought some raffle tickets, but didn’t win anything. The money from the raffle go into a community fund for bloggers that might need a bit a help. I think that is an amazing idea. I loved it.

BlogOnX Brand's Den - Flowers

After having lunch, I looked at the Co-Op stands. They had these lovely bunches of flowers.

BlogOnX Seminars

Next seminar, after lunch, was Time Management & Productivity with Mel Knibb. I found the ideas very helpful and I’m going to apply a few of the things I learned at the seminar.

The following hour was a Live Video Editing Workshop with Luke Woodhouse, Cora Harrison, and Helen Barrass. All the bloggers that attended could join one of three groups for the workshop. The groups were small, so I imagine it was quite helpful for them. I didn’t pay attention as I’m not on youtube or creating videos.

BlogOnX Cake

Another break, this time for cake. Doesn’t it look fab? It was vegan, so most of the bloggers attending could enjoy a slice. I took advantage and went to pick my name in candy. I also had some bubbly and cake.

 BlogOnX Brand's Den

I think it looks great.

BlogOnX Seminars

The last seminar in Heaven was: The secrets of flat lay food photography with Emily Leary. As a food blogger – CookStyle – I was excited about this seminar. Emily gave some really great tips. I don’t make a lot of flat lay pictures when it comes to food, but now I will try.

BlogOnX Goodie Bags

Now let’s talk about the goodie bags. I took pictures of everything I got, including a few samples from the stands. I’m going to share pictures on twitter with the items that caught my eyes.

BlogOnX Goodie Bags - Food

These are the things I want to try from the food goodie bag. Basically almost all of them. The things I removed weren’t vegetarian and a couple of sweets.

BlogOnX Goodie Bags - Toys

A few games too. We are playing on our camping holidays and before Christmas, so these will be used a few times this year.

As usual, BlogOnX was great. Laura from tiredmummyoftwo did an amazing job as she does every time. She has a lot of helpers and I’m happy I did have a very small part to play on the day too. If you fancy attending, see more details on blogonuk.

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  1. It was such a great day. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hi. Glad you enjoyed it xx

  2. Gosh, I didn’t realise how much went into these kinds of events. The brand stands look lovely, and that sweet printing machine is so impressive! It’s nice how much thought they’ve put into the food available so it can enjoyed by everyone!

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