Lightnight 2014

Friday was Lightnight in Liverpool. We usually go to this event, we’ve been in 2012 and 2013. Last year wasn’t as interesting as 2012, so I had lower expectations. I was wrong! This year was lovely!

We’ve started with Black-E, where we saw the Shotokan demonstration, the Freefall circus and an Indian dance.


Hubby has a green belt at Shotokan and I trained almost an year in Qwan Ki Do. It was quite emotional for us to see a karate training session, it brought back a lot of memories. I would love to be able to train again, but I’m smitten with Qwan Ki Do and there are only 3 branches in London. The British team of Qwan Ki Do is trained by a Romanian woman, she was the one who brought it in the UK.


A very nice kata, fight with an imaginary opponent, quite long and the energy was great. Loved it.


Kumite, fight with opponent, between the sensei and a black belt student. Very theatrical, but fun and nice for the crowds.


After the Shotokan demonstration, it was the Freefall Circus. After one of the guys said he will demonstrate how everything works and that the audience can have a go… I thought it will be so boring and that nobody will try.




I was so wrong! A lot of people stood up and started trying things. This man tried everything, it was a joy to see him so carefree.




And this is hubby. He wanted to try the rope. I must admit I would have loved to try climbing on them, but in less than 1 month I have another fair and I can’t have a wrist or ankle twisted. I’m prone to accidents, so I had to stay on the side.


The rotating thingy is harder to control than I thought, but it was lots of fun trying.