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Steam Yacht Gondola

A trip with the Steam Yacht Gondola is just splendid. It lasts for an hour and forty minutes and there is a guide who tells stories about local people, from poets and authors to the Romanian inventor who lived nearby during WWII to the man who broke the speed records more than once. I will share photos from our trip. Enjoy!

Steam Yacht Gondola



 view from the gondola




gondola room

inside the gondola

room in the gondola






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  1. We took a similar trip around the lakes in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland, however ours was more of a bus service where you could get on and off and explore the small shoreline villages, so the boat was serviceable and definitely not as grand or lush as your Steam Yacht Gondola. This sort of relaxing time is my idea of heaven, although a beautiful sunny day always helps! 🙂

    1. This one too has a hop on-hop off option, but there are only a few each day, so it’s suitable only if planing to spend all day by the lake, from 10am till 5pm or so. The gondola is Victorian in style, so very comfortable and large, to accommodate for the women’s skirts, of course. :))

    1. The first one was made in the 1850s. This one is a replica, but it still has about 10% of the original parts. It’s quite unusual and so well worth as an experience. I loved it.

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