New Items from the Body Shop

I got new items from the Body Shop, which is not a surprise if you have a look at the Style section of the blog. After a month of no orders, when the lockdown started, this month I took advantage and placed two orders. I will share most of the items I ordered this month, with one exception, a soap I’ve already started using.

New Items from the Body Shop

Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. I’ve been using Strawberry shampoo from the Body Shop for a couple of years and I like it, but now I wanted to try something else too.

Mango Hand Cleanse Gel & Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel. It is hard to find hand gel in shops, so I got these two. I will keep one in the car, when the one I have now will run out.

Vitamin E Hydrating Toner. This is another new product for me. It’s been a while since I’ve used a toner and so I’m very eager to open this. I will start using it today or tomorrow.

White Musk Deodorant. I usually get other deodorants from them, but this time I thought I will try this one instead.

Nigritella Eau De Parfum – this is my second one. I loved the first one. Lasts quite a lot and smells beautifully. I wish they had a deodorant in this range.

Special Edition Zesty Lemon Body Scrub. The body scrubs from the Body Shop are really nice, I love the sugar ones. At the moment I’m using another one. So, as soon as that one is finished, I will open this one. It is a special edition for summer and it smells amazing, pretty much like a posh dessert.

Moringa Soap. I like the Body Shop soaps and I like the moringa smell too. I tried some other soaps, but these ones are the best value for money, so I will keep buying them.

Special Edition Cool Cucumber Body Yogurt. After trying last year some body yoghurts, I was hooked on them. They are absorbed fast into the skin and it feels smooth and soft. I have two body butters opened at the moment, so I will keep this one for a couple of weeks before opening it. It smells fresh and this too is a special summer edition.

I am so excited to try the new products. Are you looking forward to trying out new cosmetics? What do you think of the new summer range at the Body Shop?

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  1. I was bought a Moringa set by one of my pupils last year- it was such a gorgeous gift-set with loads of big products in- apart from that, I’ve not tried any Bodyshop for a longtime as I mostly buy my products in our local Refill room or Lush! I like the idea of the handgels- my handgel that I have is also Bodyshop but is very old!

  2. The cool cucumber body yogurt sounds great, and so refreshing since it’s getting really hot now. I haven’t shopped at The Body Shop in a long time, and you found some great things so I may have a look at their online shop. Thank you for sharing Anca. Have a great week!

    Julia x

  3. What a lovely stash! I know you’re a big fan of The Body Shop. I used to buy their products quite often, when we lived in Oxford, so I could just pop in the shop and get something I liked the smell of. Can’t think of buying anything recently except a few minis for our trip in Cornwall last summer.
    Cucumber body yogurt sounds wonderful.

  4. You got some lovely items. This store reminds me of our Bath & Body Works stores. I think the one closest to me might have opened back up, but perhaps I’ll get online and order that way instead… though I love sampling all the scents of new items in person.

  5. Lovely post! I haven’t tried anything from The Body Shop in a while, but you are tempting me! I adore their body butters, particularly the lemon scented one. I love the sound of the lemon body scrub you hauled. I’ve been trialling out some fancy body mists from Superdrug, so far I’m delighted with them. 🙂 xx


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