Food Glorious Food

The third topic on the Blog Every Day in November challenge is called: Food Glorious Food. It was unlikely that I would skip this subject.

I started cooking after I moved in with my boyfriend. He was a student back then and he knows how to cook. I wanted to be able to cook and we both worked, it wasn’t realistic to expect him to cook every single day. While I watched my mother cook so many times when I was younger, I didn’t try to make my own dishes. For a few years my cooking skills and techniques developed.

The biggest change took place few months after getting married, when I became a vegetarian. My whole life changed. Before, I was making the same dishes as my mother use to make, with some twists, but traditional Romanian food. As a vegetarian I started to look for recipes and my love for cooking evolved. I was cooking Lebanese, Turkish, Mediterranean foods.

The last change happened when I moved to UK, almost 4 years ago. I tried a lot of new dishes for me, as I did every time I went to another country. I loved the food, so I started making it at home, first were cupcakes and scones and different savoury dishes.


A few months ago I’ve started a new food blog with all my recipes. I baked along Great British Bake Off and it was a treat (pun intended :)) ). Taking that challenge made me even more smitten with British food and with the idea of pushing myself to try and experiment. I’m looking daily at cooking shows, even though the recipes aren’t vegetarian, I can still learn and get ideas of spices and ways to prepare garnishes and sauces.

When I was 17 it took me more than 1 hour to peel and chop some potatoes for chips. Now I can prepare a 3-4 course meal in 4 hours, I bake my own bread and cook from scratch most of the time. For me cooking is not a chore, but a pleasure. Having a husband interested in cooking and food with whom I can bounce back ideas makes it even more exciting.

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  1. That food looks amazing! I can cook easy things, but not so great at the more complicated things. I think I’ll stick to spaghetti bolognese – that’s about my limit! 😉

  2. Your food looks amazing! I can cook but don’t often as my partner is a chef so I’m happy to leave him to it – it looks like you really really enjoy it 🙂 – I’ll have a look at your food blog now!

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