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Knaresborough, day out

We’ve been at the Knaresborough bed race and it was so funny. As I had a lot of pictures, I had to split the story in 2: the bed race and the rest.

Knaresborough is a small medieval market town in Yorkshire, first mentioned in the Domesday book. Is a picturesque and pretty town with lovely houses and a castle. There is also Mother Shipton’s Cave, a place I’ve visited last year and I plan to visit again (sorry, no link, didn’t blog about that visit).

01 Knaresborough

Near the castle there are a few ravens. We passed by them and hubby asked if we can interact with them. I was sure we weren’t allowed. But I was wrong, the keeper told us the ravens are kept on a lead because they can pester visitors and there was a sign that mentioned the ravens can steal phones. They are kept like this in the summer months and in the winter they are free to roam.

02 Knaresborough

03 Knaresborough

04 Knaresborough

05 Knaresborough

The lady told me I can sit next to one of the ravens. So I approached the bird carefully, so she will not fly. I love this picture, we were both looking at hubby as if we were at a photographic studio.

06 Knaresborough

The lady-keeper told me that if I want I can hold a raven on my arm. I was ecstatic, obviously.

07 Knaresborough

She wasn’t that happy to stay on my arm because I was too excited. Hubby said I didn’t look excited, but I was and the bird sensed it and wanted to leave. As I’m interested in wildlife and I watch a few TV-shows about their natural behaviour, I was aware of her needs and left the raven alone. Hubby was amazing and managed to take a lot of pictures in a minute.

08 Knaresborough

09 Knaresborough

10 Knaresborough

11 Knaresborough

We went to the castle. We’ve seen it before from outside, but now was opened and we were able to visit it completely. The castle was built in the 12th century.

12 Knaresborough

13 Knaresborough

14 Knaresborough

15 Knaresborough

16 Knaresborough

17 Knaresborough

On my way to the dungeon, we weren’t allowed to take pictures there. Lovely arches.

18 Knaresborough

19 Knaresborough

20 Knaresborough

21 Knaresborough

22 Knaresborough

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  1. Looks like you had fun! The castle looks really cool. And I love the pictures of you with the raven, what a beautiful bird, I’d love to do that 🙂 x

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