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January 2023

Donating this month for Ukraine I realised that I’ve made donations (at least 1 each month) for the last 12 months. The war will soon get into the 2nd year and I can’t imagine why we are not doing more to stop the russians. The war changed my life as now I am considering what research topic(s) I want to focus on in the future, including for my Masters’ degree that I’m applying to now… and I’ve never been to Ukraine and didn’t have human beings ‘flying overhead, trying to kill me’. (is anyone familiar with the quote?)
Next month I will make a list of books I want to read or read about Ukraine and Eastern Europe, and another post with a list of charities to donate or support by promoting/sharing/following.


This month I’ve been to London as university started. It’s the last term in year 3. In a few months I will get my second degree. It’s been an interesting journey so far. I’m happy with the progress, my personal tutor is incredibly helpful, and the teachers for the modules are helpful and engaged.
While is not perfect, as there will be a lot of strikes in the next couple of months, it’s been great.


Moving from place to place in London is fantastic. Now I’m in London, we are staying in a hotel near SOHO. So we are walking instead of using the tube, as most places we go to are about 15-20 minutes maximum. Last week I had a pretty crazy experience, with 3 train cancellations and an hour and a half stuck in the tube between 2 stations.
With the strikes, I will not spend a lot of time in London in February, which is a shame, but it means I will have to progress with my dissertation and other assignments at speed.

Back home I went to Wirral to see Pure Brilliance, a special exhibition with jewellery. It was really interesting.


Can you imagine a most annoying situation at wordle? :))


1. Fish (vegan). 2. Walk. 3. A bit of research. 4. Wordle. 5. Puzzle. 6. Library. 7. Last year at university means a lot of work. 8. Chocolate. 9. Watching the space launch. 10. Bavovna. 11. Coffee at the World Museum. 12. Vases. 13. Pizza (celebration). 14. I started reading Agatha Christie’s books under a pseudonym, Mary Westmacott. 15. Walk. 16. Snow, as much as we have. 17. Getting ready for London. 18. In London. 19. In person teaching starts again. 20. Walk in the park at lunchtime. 21. Avatar. 22. Boodles exhibition at Lady Lever Art Gallery. 23. Crazy day in London. 24. Tulips. 25. Donation to Ukraine to mark Zelensky’s birthday. 26. Chess. 27. Chocolate pretzels. 28. On the road. 29. Dinner at the same pub we are spending the night in. It dates back to 1740. 30. Benji’s Buns, a fab vegan place in Ealing Broadway, London. 31. Books in January.


I read 5 books in January. I am only a few pages from finishing another book, but I will not be able to finish it today, so I’m leaving it for next month. It was a mix bag this month. I absolutely loved the 2 books I gave 5 stars too, the one on the BioNTech team, such a fascinating read. Also Absent in the Spring was a great book, not a murder mystery, but one of 6 which are romance-sort-off books.
The other 3 were not great for different reasons, all are mentioned in the reviews, on Coffee&Books.

Books I read in January:
Absent in the Spring by Agatha Christie – 5 stars
Technology Is Not Neutral by Stephanie Hare – 3 stars
The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt – 3.5 stars
The Vaccine by Joe Miller – 5 stars
The Rose and the Yew Tree by Agatha Christie – 3 stars

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  1. I think it’s amazing that you have been donating monthly. I hope the war stops soon. It worries me. My office is based in Soho. I love seeing London through the eyes of a tourist as I would so often walk past things for years and now know what they are #365

  2. I’ve read all of her ‘Christie’ books but never thought to look for the MW ones! Thank you for the reminder they exist! Loved reading about your month! Must be exciting to live in Soho!

  3. Must be a nightmare in London when the strikes are happening. Guess its understandable you won’t be spending as much time in London in Feb.

    That is an interesting collection of books.

  4. We have several Ukrainian students at the school where I work, there is a lot of support for them in our local community. Nice selection of books you’ve been reading. I’ve not done Wordle for several months now.
    Good luck with your Masters application.

  5. What a good January. I’m glad you are back in London — at least now and then, and yes, probably best to stick closer to home with the strikes. I haven’t read Mary Westmacott/Christie in ages. I need to pick that up again!

  6. An interesting mix of books you’ve read. The vaccine one sounds really interesting. The strikes just seem neverending at the moment don’t they. I’ve only been to London once since Covid started, now because it’s just too hit and miss to plan ahead with strikes that could happen.

  7. The only times I’ve failed to solve the Wordle puzzle have been situations like that. Too many options and not picking the correct one!

    Where are you applying for your Master’s program?
    Kelly recently posted…Musical diversionMy Profile

    1. So far I applied only at Oxford. In my talks with my personal tutor he recommended I should apply to a few more, about 3 or 4 in total. At Oxford there are hundreds of applicants on dozens of places, so it’s a matter of luck involve, with many having the right grades and so on.
      The only issue is the time. Before applying I looked at the teachers, decided which one is the best for what I want to study, which included reading some of his work, before talking with him. It takes time and with the other assignments, it can be tricky. There are strikes too, which means they have less time at the moment.

  8. Locally there is a group of people which have been driving to Ukraine with a van full of donated things every month for almost a year. I have donated and the local community has. At the moment they have been collecting old candles to make into new one’s to help out. It is rubbish that we can’t do more to help.
    Well done with uni, I am glad it’s going well. It sounds interesting staying in London.
    I have had a few games like that on Wordle. It is so frustrating. x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…What I am looking forward to this summer.My Profile

    1. That’s so wonderful of the whole community, thank you for telling me. It’s heartwarming to know so many people are supporting Ukraine. Donating old candles is a fantastic idea. xx

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