Shoryu Ramen Manchester

Yesterday my husband and I were invited to the opening of Shoryu Ramen, a new and exciting Japanesse restaurant in Manchester. Shoryu Ramen. This is their first restaurant outside London and they have plans to open even more. Shoryu Ramen was launched in November 2012 in London and was recommended in the Michelin Guide for […]

Hi Gear Kinder WP Walking Boots

Hi Gear Kinder WP Walking Boots

Update: The sole of one of the boots had a split in it. So I had them for 4-5 months. I bought this pair of Hi Gear Kinder WP Walking Boots two months ago from GO Outdoors. As I avoid leather, finding some walking boots that are long lasting and good value for money is […]

Why I love UK

Today marks 5 years since I first set foot on British soil and now I can’t imagine ever wanting to live anywhere else. Last year I’ve made a funny list of 15 things I learned as an expat in UK, the year before I wrote about how I’ve changed a little and three years ago […]

Christmas tree: artificial or real?

With Christmas fast approaching, I had a look online for pros and cons about the Christmas trees. I decided to write about my views on this matter. As a child I had real Christmas trees and my mother switched to an artificial one as I got older. My husband and I, when we moved together […]

Tate Modern

I saw that Tate Modern is opened till late on Fridays & Saturdays, so we’ve decided to visit it at night. Not only that it makes it a little bit special to see, but it can be included in a busy day and it also means that going to Tate by car is easier, with […]

Linlithgow Palace

With Linlithgow Palace I will finish the posts about what we’ve visited in Scotland. We’ve picked Linlithgow Palace because it was one of the filming locations of Outlander. It’s a beautiful place to visit even if you are not a fan of the show. Linlithgow is also the place where Mary Queen of Scots was […]

The 1920s

At the Fashion and Textile Museum in London there is a special exhibition about the 1920s fashion. I wanted to visit the museum. The concept of the museum is quite different as there isn’t a permanent exhibition, but only temporary ones. From 23 September until 15 January next year is the 1920s JAZZ AGE Fashion […]

Edinburgh Castle

We couldn’t go to Edinburgh and not visit Edinburgh Castle. The castle is managed by Historic Scotland. If you are a member of English Heritage, you can have discounted or free entry, depending on how long you’ve been a member. On the site there were signs that it was lived from the Iron Age. In […]

My birthday in London

On Monday it was my 34th birthday and it was the best birthday I ever had. My husband I had 3 wonderful meals, we walked Festus, I received this amazing flowers, we went for a drive in an F1 simulator and we’ve been to the ceremony of keys at the Tower of London. My husband […]

Gladstone’s Land

As I wrote in the title, Gladstone’s Land is one of the oldest buildings in the Royal Mile, Edinburgh. Gladstone’s Land was the house of a wealthy merchant and landlord and it shows how the rich used to live in the 17th century. The house has 6 rooms across two floors and it’s authentically restored. […]