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Knowsley Safari Park – November

I had a very busy month, but still managed to see the animals at Knowsley despite them changing the opening times. Now it is closed Monday and Tuesday, and the last entry to the park is 3pm, unlike the summer time when it is 5 or 6. This time we took the car friendly route for the monkeys and it was the first time we could hear them, as we rolled down the windows to take better pictures of the animals.







Animal eating



Monkeys in a tree

Animal relaxing


Lion looking at other lions

Lion looking directly at us

Lion's tail

Lions enjoying the sun



Camel. Close up

Camel looking at us


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  1. I really enjoy these posts! I have a healthy respect for apes and monkeys, so I find anyone who drives amongst them to be brave. The warnings on that sign alone might have kept me out!

    1. It is funny that the sign says: “will” and not “might”. They are right though, we had to change a few things after the monkeys took the window whippers. :))

  2. It must be so impressive to have the animals roam around you freely! There is a similar safari in France but I’ve never been, I think I’d like to one day. How scared I would be if the monkeys started to jump on the car though haha! How would you react?

    Julia x

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