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Sherwood forest

On Monday I’ve been to the Sherwood forest, home of Robin Hood and the Major Oak. It was cold, but the walk through the forest was lovely. When we arrived we saw lots of birds near the car park. There are bird feeding stations on almost all the posts of the fence and in the nearby trees. The birds were singing and eating. It was heart warming. Sadly they didn’t stand still long enough to take some non-blurry pictures.

We’ve started by seeing a very nicely made exhibition at the Visitor Centre. There are information about oaks and about Robin Hood too. Kids will definitely enjoy it and it’s interesting for adults too. They were building the Santa grotto and I can imagine how exciting must be for kids. There is also a Santa Paws for dogs, that is such a cool idea. We got some Whiskey fudge on our way out and eat it on the way to the Major Oak.

01 Sherwood forest

02 Sherwood forest
I saw pictures of the Major Oak, but it’s still impressive to see it. Major Oak is an 1,000 old tree with a lot of history. The Oak was used in cock fights a few hundred years ago. Then was left uncut as it is hollow and it becomes a tourist attraction during the Victorian age.

03 Sherwood forest

Now the Major Oak is home to bats and owls.

04 Sherwood forest Major Oak tree

05 Sherwood forest Major Oak tree

06 Sherwood forest

Back to the Visitor Centre we went into the gift shop and there I discovered a wonderful gift for hubby. I hurried him out the gift shop before he was able to see what I wanted to get him. It was a funny moment as he didn’t understand why I’ve told him “We have to get out now!”. I went back in and bought it.

07 Sherwood forest

08 Sherwood forest

09 Sherwood forest

Have you been to the Sherwood forest?

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  1. Some great photos here. I really need to get myself over to visit Major Oak; I’m really not very far away and I’ve never seen it with my own eyes. Must do something about that very soon.

  2. Super photos! I’ve never visited Sherwood Forest, but one day I might, my boys would love it.

  3. Wow Sherwood Forest looks like a really lovely place to visit, looks like somewhere I’d love to go! The Major Oak is so impressive.
    I’d always rather the forest than the beach or city, there’s just something about it I find really relaxing and calming.

  4. I’ve never been to Sherwood Forest. Major Oak looks fabulous! I can just see Robin Hood & his merry men around it!

  5. Wow it’s pretty cool that you got to visit the place that Robin Hood was based! Great photos.


  6. I’ve never spent time there, sadly because it looks blooming brilliant! And I’m always a fan of a super old tree, the things they must have seen!
    M x

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