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Liverpool International Horse Show

I was considering going to the Liverpool International Horse Show, and when I saw tickets on offer on groupon, I knew I had to buy them. I got bronze tickets for me and my husband, not the cheapest, but not expensive either. Each show lasts for about 4 hours and I was very keen to see all of it. We got to Echo Arena earlier and had a look around the stalls. This way you know before booking what to expect. We went on the 29th December, at the evening show. It started at 7ish and finished a bit over 11pm. I didn’t seem to notice how time went by.

In the Shopping Village I saw an amazing array of equestrian goods, very expensive I might add. I liked having a browse and seeing all the things, like supplements, bedding, clothes, brushes, and, of course, horse trailers. After that we’ve made our way to the Arena.

Liverpool International Horse Show. Bikes

The show started with the FMX Motorcross Display Team. Those guys were amazing. I was impressed.

Liverpool International Horse Show. Bikes

Liverpool International Horse Show. Horse Jumping

The bikes were followed by CSI 4*: International Jump Off (1.50m). I loved every minute of it. And, even more impressively, my husband loved it too. I watched jumping competitions broadcast on BBC, my husband never did as he founds them a bit boring. But that changed when we were there. How silent everybody was during the jumps and the excited applauds after it ended. You could even hear the horse breathing as it was preparing to jump. It was truly amazing. Best of all, it was a British winner. Only imagine the cheers when she did a perfect run.

Liverpool International Horse Show. Shetland ponies

Next in the show were the Shetland ponies in the Shetland Pony Grand National. That was one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen. The riders are children and the Shetland ponies look like they have a mind of their own, while the riders try to keep up with them. I just loved it. It was one of the highlights of the show.

Liverpool International Horse Show. Show

Gilles Fortier with Phoenix was a show with acrobats using fire and horses trained in dressage. It was spectacular. I did enjoy it a lot.

Liverpool International Horse Show. Ride and drive

Last on the program was the Ride and Drive competition. Riders had to jump a few obstacles, after that, get the horse in a corner paddock, before jumping from horseback (more or less graceful), and running to the car, jumping in the back seat and put their seatbelts on. After that the driver had to do his/hers own circuit. The best time won. It was fun to watch. Also, it only proved how good horses are at manoeuvrability in tight spaces. It was fun to watch.

Have you ever been to Liverpool International Horse Show? Or is it something you’d be interested in attending?

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  1. Hi Anca,
    Been to Liverpool International Horse Show recently, and it was truly amazing.

    Yes, it wasn’t cheap, but a great quality show. Well worth the money.

    Cheers Nathan…

  2. This seems like a really nice event to attend! It is quite long though, but you made the most of your money! The show must have been so impressive!

    Julia x

  3. I think it’s an interesting combination to have for one show…. horses and motorbikes. I enjoyed the brief clip, especially the Shetland Ponies. I bet that was hilarious.

    1. Aww, they were hilarious. After that I watched a few clips with Shetland ponies racing on youtube. They are so cute and funny.

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