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Croxteth Hall Greenhouse

I’ve been to Croxteth Hall a few years ago and I remembered being impressed by the house and the walled garden. It has the mushroom house and interesting shaped fruit trees for a bigger yield. The greenhouse seemed less exciting at that time. A couple of days before Easter I saw on BBC News that a very rare and beautiful flower is housed at Croxteth Hall greenhouse. We went to see it on Saturday, it is really beautiful and unusual.

01 Croxteth Hall greenhouse
The flower is called Green Jade Vine for its colour. There are only a few flowers like this in the UK, at Kew, at Eden Project and in two botanical gardens in Scotland at Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Jade Vine is a member of the pea and bean family. The plant grows wild in the Philippines, but it’s threatened due to loss of habitat. The stems are scrambling up other tropical rainforest species to reach the light and they can be as long as 20 metres. The staff at Croxteth explained to us how the flower is pollinated by bats, as they are attracted by the nectar its flowers produce.

02 Croxteth Hall greenhouse
The stems have a purple colour that looks interesting too and the plant is quite big and long.

03 Croxteth Hall greenhouse
There are other beautiful flowers and plants in the Greenhouse.

04 Croxteth Hall greenhouse

05 Croxteth Hall greenhouse

06 Croxteth Hall greenhouse

07 Croxteth Hall greenhouse

As you can see there are so many other wonderful plants in the greenhouse, so don’t miss them if you are close.

Have you been to Croxteth Hall?

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  1. What a spectacular plant! I have never seen it before, what a beauty. Love your photos!

  2. Wow! What a stunning flower photos!
    I have not been there before. Hopefully if I ever pass by, I will!

  3. Wow, such unusual plants! I love the Green Jade vine, it’s just gorgeous! We’ve been looking for inspiration for a day out, so I might suggest this 🙂


  4. Hi Anca, what amazing plants you saw! I am always fascinated to see amazing places like this!!x

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