January 2023

Donating this month for Ukraine I realised that I’ve made donations (at least 1 each month) for the last 12 months. The war will soon get into the 2nd year and I can’t imagine why we are not doing more to stop the russians. The war changed my life as now I am considering what […]

peacock necklace

Pure Brilliance

Pure Brilliance is an exhibition at Lady Lever Art Gallery in Wirral. It’s a pay what you think, so don’t miss out. It’s on until the 5th of March. This exhibition is about the Boodles Story. Boodles is a 200-year old jewellery brand from Liverpool and some of their jewellery is on display, alongside loads […]

Liverpool Street

Crazy day in London

Yesterday I had a pretty crazy day in London. In a few words: I had 3 train cancelled and I was stuck in the tube for 1 hour and a half!! The plan was to leave for London in the morning, arrive just before lunchtime, have lunch, go to university for a seminar and a […]


Interesting things about Italy

It’s January, I’m spending every day thinking of one assignment or another (one of them is the dissertation), so I thought I should make a couple of posts on Italy, just to remind myself of the holiday we had last year. I still have some pictures from places we visited last year in UK, but […]

goals for 2023

Goals for 2023

These are my 2023 goals! As usual, if I don’t do all of them, I’m not bothered at all. All the goals are modest and easy to do, so, hopefully, all will be done. Goals for 2023: Blogs 1. Post regularly. All book reviews on Coffee&Books. A more modest 12 recipes on CookStyle, new or […]


Goals for 2022. How I did.

It’s time for: Goals for 2022. How I did. It is a mix bag, but I’m happy. I want to push myself a bit, but I’m not stressed if I can’t do one of them. These goals are for fun. Goals for 2022: Blogs 1. Post regularly. Goals included to post all book reviews on […]