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Cliveden woods

Cliveden is part of National Trust, a little over an hour’s drive from central London. As we didn’t have enough time to visit the house too, we’ve only been to the Cliveden woods. There are 3 different trails to follow, but as it was late, we wondered around, looking at signs and we managed to have a lovely walk.

01 Cliveden woods

The house looks so nice, I would love to see it. Now the house is a hotel, but there are guided tours twice a week. The gardens can be visited too. For the woodland there is another car park, but it’s not opened till late, as it is in our parts.

02 Cliveden woods
The bench is in the perfect spot to sit and relax, enjoying the Thames and the Cliveden house.

03 Cliveden woods

04 Cliveden woods
Hubby wanted a picture with Festus, his loyal dog. Festus wasn’t that bothered that his leg didn’t fit on the bench. They stayed there for a few minutes so I was able to take a lot of pictures.

Beside the beautiful walk along Thames, there are wooden sculptures of different animals. I liked them a lot.

05 Cliveden woods

06 Cliveden woods

07 Cliveden woods

08 Cliveden woods
Here is the viewing point. The old Tudor house is so pretty amongst the woods. I’m not sure if it can be visited or it’s a private home.

09 Cliveden woods

One very wonderful surprise was the butterflies. While I was ready for some squirrels and birds singing, I didn’t expect so many butterflies flying around. There were the whites and Fritillary, among others.

10 Cliveden woods

11 Cliveden woods

12 Cliveden woods

We’ve spent there only 1 hour as it was near closing time, but it was so relaxing it felt like we’ve been there for ages.

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  1. i seriously should move to a country with more nature. 🙁 i’m so jealous!

  2. This place looks beautiful. I’ll definitely pay it a visit the next time I’m down south x

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