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The Beatles Story

My mother told me that we were listening to The Beatles when I was a toddler. As a teenager I was more keen on Nirvana, Sepultura, Metallica, Depeche Mode. I like a few Beatles songs and intended to visit the museums at some point, but always postponed it as I thought I would like other places more. I jumped at the opportunity to get free tickets when I saw them advertised on twitter. It was their response to the questions asked by Kanye West’s fans “Who is Paul McCartney?”.

01 the beatles story museums

On Monday morning we went on Albert Dock eager to visit the 2 museums. We’ve started with The Beatles Story and it was quite crowded for a gloomy and rather cold day.

02 the beatles story museums

We received audio guides free of charge and we’ve started the tour. There are a lot of details about their lives, pictures and movies. The museum is really interesting and caught our interest from the beginning.

03 the beatles story

15 the beatles story liverpool

04 the beatles story museums

05 the beatles museums

This is a replica of Mathew street with The Cavern club and The Grapes. We’ve been on Mathew street only a few days ago, while we were walking in the city centre.

06 the beatles story museums

08 the beatles story museums

09 the beatles story museums

10 the beatles liverpool

11 the beatles museums

12 the beatles museums liverpool

Imagine is one of my favourite songs and it was the last exhibit in The Beatles Story.

After we’ve visited the museum on Albert Dock, we went on Pier Head for the second museum. The second one is more interactive, but not as interesting as the first one. We saw a 4D movie, I love 4D movies. We also took advantage of the drums “lessons”.

13 the beatles story museums
Hubby was paying attention to the technical details.

14 the beatles story museums

I was having fun and laughing, a slightly different approach.

15 the beatles story museums

View of the Museum of Liverpool from the photography display.

16 the beatles story

We finished the trip with a walk on Mathew street.

17 mathew street the beatles

18 mathew street the beatles

19 mathew street the beatles

20 mathew street liverpool

As I said, we’ve got free tickets, but the entry fee is worth it.

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  1. Congrats on winning the tickets! 😀 I went to the Beatles Story with my friend a few years a go and it was great fun. I’m always popping into the Cavern Club or Pub for a drink because the live music is great.

  2. I’ve worked on so many shows about The Beatles, specifically John Lennon, that I’m amazed I’ve never been! It looks really interesting, especially the second, interactive museum! I walk to work along Mathew Street, and I’m always amazed at the amount of tourists there, it’s really impressive!

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